Airport Advisory Commission


The Airport Advisory Commission (AAC) advises the Council on all airport matters. The AAC consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor for a three year term.

Meetings are held quarterly on the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 6 p.m.​

Special membership requirements

  • At least two members of the commission shall be active pilots holding a current pilots license with a rating of private pilot or higher.

  • At least one member shall be a resident of the ward in which the airport is located.

  • One member shall be an individual who is appointed by the Mayor as a representative of the Army Aviation Support Facility after considering the recommendation of the Adjutant General.

Number of members: 7
Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment
Length of term: 3 years
Aug. 21
Center 50+ closed for maintenance Aug 21-Sept 4Center 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301
Sep. 04
Labor Day
Oct. 18
Airport Advisory Commission meeting6:00 p.m.7:00 p.m.Salem Municipal Airport
2990 25th ST SE
Salem OR 97302
Nov. 11
Veteran’s Day
Nov. 23
ThanksgivingCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301
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Airport Advisory Commission Rules107 KB
Airport Master Plan36768 KB2/14/2017
Term Expires
Foley, JohnSalem resident
Salem resident
Hidley, RobertWard 4
Salem resident
12/10/20121; 212/31/2018
Houston, BrianNon Salem resident
Army Aviation Support, facility representative - appointed by Adjutant General
Ireson, RandallWard 7
9/8/2014Partial; 112/31/2018
Lebold, Mary AnneSalem resident
11/4/20131; 212/31/2019
Underwood, RobertWard 2
Resident Ward 2
6/22/2015Partial; 112/31/2018
White, NealSalem resident
Salem resident
11/19/2014Partial; 112/31/2019

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John PaskellAirport Manager
2990 25th ST SE
Salem OR 97302