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Peace-of-mind has never been so economical...Capital FireMed Logo
Become a FireMed member today.

An ambulance membership program, Capital FireMed, was started by Salem area ambulance providers in 1987 as an ambulance affordability program.  The concept is simple; for an annual $60 membership all household members receive unlimited emergency ambulance service and most non-emergency ambulance service within the Capital FireMed service area. FireMed covers the cost of all co-payments and deductibles associated with the transport.

To a large extent, the Capital FireMed Program has taken the sting out of rate increases for those who are on fixed incomes or high-risk ambulance user groups. It provides an affordable alternative for those who choose to become members.

The Capital FireMed program has expanded and simplified coverage. All permanent members of a household are covered with one membership and coverage has been made available to those in extended care facilities. If you are interested in becoming a member of Capital FireMed, click the new member application form link at the bottom of this page. 

If you receive fire protection from the Keizer Fire Department, Marion County Fire District #1, or the Salem Fire Department, you are eligible to join Capital FireMed!

Services Provided
The FireMed program has made a strong commitment to customer service before, during and after the call. A survey of FireMed members conducted recently cites "service, dependability, and peace of mind" as reasons to purchase the membership. A newsletter informs members of current events, information on Fire Service providers within the system, and helpful health tips. Member services include:

  • Coverage for emergency ambulance service for serious or life-threatening problems.
  • Coverage for non-emergency ambulance service for non-life-threatening problems where the use of an ambulance is necessary.
  • Customer Service after call. Capital FireMed coverage provides an advocate to handle insurance claims associated with the transport.

The use of other sources of patient transportation are increasing in the community. The FireMed program will continue to work to meet the needs of our members while integrating with Health Care Services. At this point, the focus of funding is to assure stable ambulance transportation. Therefore, the following services are not covered:

  • Wheelchair transportation for routine trips such as doctor visits.
  • Stretcher transport where the assistance of an EMT is not necessary.

Use of the Revenue
Membership payments are working to keep the ambulance service trained and equipped to provide a high standard of care, to provide valuable health care information, and to keep rates under control. In that way, a member's money will be working for them even in years that their family does not require transport by ambulance.

Reciprocal agreements have been signed with other FireMed agencies to broaden the coverage beyond the Salem area to most of the State. This, in turn, makes the prospect of an ambulance membership far more attractive to our mobile population. There are over forty public and private ambulance providers participating in this agreement. They combine to form the largest ambulance membership base in the country.  If you have a question about which agencies in Oregon participate in the Capital FireMed program please call 503-588-6428

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