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Stormwater Code, Rules, Standards, and Guidelines 

Stormwater Codes and Standards

Information on this page is intended to provide an overview of Salem’s stormwater ordinances, design standards, and guidelines for stormwater facilities.

To support implementation of stormwater regulations, a set of handbooks and fact sheets have been developed. A technical guidance handbook is available that describes required erosion control measures. Design handbooks and fact sheets are provided to give general information and planning considerations that apply to a suite of stormwater facilities known as “green stormwater infrastructure.” Green stormwater infrastructure are stormwater facilities that mimic natural hydrology through infiltration or evaportranspiration or that involve stormwater reuse. The Stormwater Design Handbook for Homes and Small Projects serves as a guide for residents, homebuilders, and small project developers. The Stormwater Design Handbook for Developers and Large Projects is a guide for developers of projects with over 10,000 square feet of new and replaced impervious surface.

 Stormwater Code

Stormwater Code

On November 4, 2013, Salem’s City Council voted unanimously to adopt a new chapter in the Salem Revised Code, Chapter 71, which specifically addresses stormwater regulations. The Stormwater Code became effective January 1, 2014. Among other provisions, the Stormwater Code contains provisions for new and redevelopment projects, identifies prohibited and permissible discharges, and specifies source control requirements. In Salem Revised Code Chapter 70 (Utilities General) are requirements for operating, maintaining, and inspecting private stormwater facilities. Salem Revised Code Chapter 75 (Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control) prohibits site erosion and sediment runoff and requires using erosion prevention techniques and sediment control measures.


Salem Revised Code Chapter 70 (Utilities General)

Salem Revised Code Chapter 71 (Stormwater)

Salem Revised Code Chapter 75 (Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control)

Treatment wetlands
Treatment wetlands are constructed with varying topography and are designed to treat and store stormwater runoff from large impervious areas. They remove pollutants and reduce the amount of runoff that reaches streams.

 Administrative Rules

Administrative Rules

Administrative rules are used to implement, define, and clarify regulatory standards contained in the Salem Revised Code. Two administrative rules have been promulgated to support implementation of Salem Revised Code Chapter 71 (Stormwater). Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 011 describes requirements for operating and maintaining stormwater facilities. Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 012 contains minimum requirements, approved methods, criteria, details, and general guidance for stormwater source control.


Operations and Maintenance of Storm Facilities (Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 011)

Stormwater Source Controls (Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 012)

Subsurface gravel wetland
Soil amendment can restore the health and function of disturbed soils by breaking up compacted soils and adding organic material such as compost. By amending soils, builders or developers can significantly reduce the size of required flow control facilities.
Vegetated swales improve water quality by filtering flow water through the soil and shallow flow through vegetation.

 Design Standards

Stormwater Design Standards

The purpose of the Public Works Design Standards is to establish minimum design parameters and practices for the City of Salem’s public infrastructure and certain private infrastructure as required in Salem Revised Code. Design Standards are promulgated as administrative rules and include standards for stormwater systems and for erosion and sediment controls.

Design Standards References

Stormwater Systems (Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 004)

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan (Administrative Rules Chapter 109 Division 007)

Vegetated filter strip
A vegetated filter strip is a densely planted zone that is down slope and directly adjacent to an impervious surface. The stormwater runoff flows over land to the facility without being collected in a pipe. Stormwater runoff is filtered by plant material and infiltrates into the soil.
Subsurface gravel wetland
Subsurface gravel wetlands provide both water quality treatment and flow control. The minimum drainage area for a gravel wetland is 1 acre.

 Handbooks and Fact Sheets

sw-code-large-project-handbook.pdfStormwater Design Handbook for Developers and Large Projects1124 KB
sw-code-small-project-handbook.pdfStormwater Design Handbook for Homes and Small Projects2212 KB
amended-soils-fact-sheet.pdfAmended Soils Fact Sheet1420 KB
filter-strip-fact-sheet.pdfFilter Strip Fact Sheet4963 KB
flow-dispersion-fact-sheet.pdfFlow Dispersion Fact Sheet3455 KB
gravel-wetland-fact-sheet.pdfGravel Wetland Fact Sheet5071 KB
green-roof-fact-sheet.pdfGreen Roof Fact Sheet3503 KB
pervious-pavement-fact-sheet.pdfPervious Pavement Fact Sheet2244 KB
planter-fact-sheet.pdfPlanter Fact Sheet4970 KB
rain-garden-fact-sheet.pdfRain Garden Fact Sheet4790 KB
swale-fact-sheet.pdfSwale Fact Sheet3427 KB
treatment-wetland-fact-sheet.pdfTreatment Wetland Fact Sheet4001 KB

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