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Urban Renewal Areas 


Map of Current Urban Renewal Areas (GIS map)          What is Urban Renewal?       Central Salem Mobility Study
Questions? Phone: 503-588-6178 or e-mail:  urbandev@cityofsalem.net 


Fairview Urban Renewal Area
Located in southeast Salem - Overview - (PDF)   Fairview History            

The Fairview Urban Renewal Area (URA) is comprised of 390 acres.  Fairview Industrial Park was originally underdeveloped State-owned property. To spur economic development, the Urban Renewal Agency (Agency) worked with the State to attract economic development opportunities by creating an attractive industrial park within the City limits. Most of Fairview Industrial Park was completed in three phases in the 1990s. The Agency placed Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) on many of the properties to create a park-like development.  The URA utilized tax increment to finance projects, however the Agency stopped collecting tax increment as of July 2, 2013.  Current activities are focused on a forgivable loan program to create jobs, infrastructure, and manage redevelopment requirements for property sold within the Fairview URA. 

On February 22, 2016 the Agency reviewed and approved changes to the five different phases of CC&Rs. They recognized many items in the older CC&Rs are now essentially covered in the Salem Revised Code, and added clearer language for areas which need to comply with Airport Safety regulations. The Agency also transferred the rights for enforcement to the City Council, who unanimously accepted them.

Property owners with the following CC&Rs may enforce the CC&RS on other properties within their phase: Phase I; Phase II; Phase III; and Olsen Fennell Seeds. All CC&R changes for each Phase are attached to the staff report.

Strong Road
The Agency improved Strong Road, south of Reed Road on the western boundary of Fairview Industrial Park. Strong Road was a "half street" - narrow without curbs or sidewalks abutting the URA's western boundary. The Agency was able to widen this 1300 foot section of road to 30 feet, adding curbs and a sidewalk on the east side. Due to the steep topography, a large retaining wall was constructed on portions of the northeast side to accommodate the widening.  Work began in mid-June and was completed in October 2010; the improvements cost just over $600,000.

Fairview Mitigation Wetlands
The Agency took responsibility to establish wetlands so development could occur. Approximately 14 acres of wetlands were filled and almost 45 acres of mitigation wetlands were constructed and planted by 1998, with 1.66 acres added later.  They are known as the Fairview Mitigation Wetlands and are protected by a Conservation Fairview Urban Renewal Area MapEasement.  The wetlands are used for education and research by Willamette University and Salem-Keizer schools.  The Pringle Creek Watershed Council, with support from other civic organizations and the City, is constructing a scenic nature trail through the wetlands to increase the recreational use of the area.  Significant support from school groups helped complete this project.  The City's Parks Operations Division handles ongoing maintenance.  Fairview Wetlands Mitigation Video


Resources (Financial Resources)

Staff Contact
Tory Banford 503.540.2445


McGilchrist Urban Renewal Area
Located in southeast Salem - Overview - (PDF)

The McGilchrist Urban Renewal Area (URA), established in September 2006, encompasses approximately 403 acres and is located west of the Salem Municipal Airport (McNary Field). The focus of the URA is to provide funding for improvements to McGilchrist Street SE in order to stimulate private development.      

Documents McGilchrist Urban Renewal Area map

Current Projects  

Resources  (Financial Resources) 

Staff Contact
Sara Long : SLong@cityofsalem.net or 503-589-2065

 Mill Creek

Mill Creek Corporate Center

Located in southeast Salem - Overview -PDF
Click to go to: Mill Creek Corporate Center web page
Mill Creek Corporate Center 
488 acres of flat, shovel ready land - Phase 1B and Phase 1C 


Visit the offical web site for more information.

Staff Contact
Tory Banford    

 North Gateway

North Gateway Urban Renewal Area

Located in northeast Salem - Overview - (PDF)

The North Gateway Urban Renewal Area is approximately 926 acres, in north Salem. Recent activities have focused on stimulating private development and improving traffic circulation in the Area including:  new infrastructure, clean up of contaminated sites, selling Agency-owned properties for redevelopment, and encouraging rehabilitation of property through the use of Toolbox loans and grants. More details are included below.North Gateway URA


Active Projects:

Completed Projects :

  • Hollywood Station Redevelopment - private: commercial & town homes
  • Hollywood Station -  Center 50+ - Senior Center
  • 2385 Fairgrounds Road - environmental clean-up   
  • Northgate Extension (Bill Frey Drive): A $12.39M public investment, completed August 2005, provides a second means of ingress/egress for the Industrial Park.  This project and area attracted the Kroc Center, a $36M total private investment; completed in the fall of 2009. 
  • Blossom Drive - 2000-2001  
    • Reconstructed from Indian School Road/Union Pacific RR to the easterly boundary of the City limits.
  • Portland Road/ Hyacinth Street NE - Project included improvements to the intersection, including new traffic signal, street light, utility under-grounding, turn lane, pedestrian bulb-outs, and a safety crossing island. Project was complete in early 2014 and funded with a combination of North Gateway URA funding ($900,000) and Streets and Bridges Bond funding ($250,000).      


Staff Contact
Annie Gorski: 503-540-2480

 Riverfront Downtown

Riverfront Downtown Urban Renewal Area 
Located in central Salem - Overview-(PDF

The Riverfront-Downtown Urban Renewal Area is comprised of approximately 290 acres in the downtown core and bound by the Willamette River to the west.  Current activities in the Riverfront-Downtown URA are focused on implementing recommendations from the Core Area Master Plan and the North Downtown Plan, which are designed to enhance the central business core and integrate commercial and residential opportunities consistent with the Riverfront-Downtown Urban Renewal Plan.  Major projects have included: Riverfront Park, Salem Conference Centerbuilding renovations, the Union Street Railroad Bridge conversion, and re-construction of Liberty and Chemeketa parking structures. 


Current Projects:

Completed Projects:


Staff Contact 
Sheri Wahrgren - 503.540.2495

 South Waterfront

South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area
Extends south of Riverfront-Downtown URA to Minto Brown Island - Overview  (PDF) 

The South Downtown Waterfront Redevelopment Project is centered around the former Boise property located southwest of Salem's historic downtown core.  Bound by Front and Commercial Streets and the Willamette River, the City has prepared the area for redevelopment by establishing a new mixed-use zone (January 2009) and an urban renewal area (September 2007).

The South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area will support infrastructure investments necessary to facilitate redevelopment in and around the former Boise site.  Urban Renewal Agency investments may include improvements to the transportation and pedestrian systems in the Area, provide for riverfront access, street improvements and bike lanes, daylighting Pringle Creek, pathway connections and grants or loans for redevelopment.  The new mixed-use zone will allow for redevelopment of the Boise site to fulfill the Urban Land Institute vision for the property, as established in June 2006. Pringle Square, LLC purchased the property from Boise and has plans to develop the site in three phases: (1) South Block - south of Pringle Creek along Commercial Street; (2) North Block - north of Pringle Creek; and (3) Waterfront Block - five acre parcel adjacent to Riverfront Park. 

On October 23, 2006, City Council approved funding for the
Urban Land Institute Panel's recommendation for a feasibility study of a proposed South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area (URA) and funding for a comprehensive plan and zone change to allow for the eventual mixed-use redevelopment of the area.    The feasibility of the South Waterfront area included the Boise property and its vicinity.  The ULI study was presented to the City Council on March 19, 2007.  The boundary was confirmed by Council on April 23, 2007.  An Urban Renewal Plan and a Plan Report were developed in response to the Council’s direction.South Waterfront Urban Renewal Area map 



Sheri Wahrgren - 503.540.2495

 West Salem

West Salem Urban Renewal Area
Located in West Salem  - Overview                                                                  

The purpose of the West Salem Urban Renewal Area is to eliminate blight and depreciating property values within the 453 acre project area.  In the process of eliminating blight, attract aesthetically pleasing, job producing, private investments that will improve and stabilize property values.  The objectives of the West Salem Urban Renewal Area include: upgrading the existing building stock, improving the auto, pedestrian and bicycle circulation system, enhancing streetscape, conserving open spaces, and promoting new quality housing opportunities for a range of household incomes.     

West Salem Urban Renewal Area map


Projects Underway:

  • West Salem Business District Zoning Code Clean-Up Project - Coming soon

Completed Projects:



Staff Contact
Annie Gorski - 503.540.2480

 Closed URAs

On November 5, 2012, City Council approved Ordinance Bill No. 28 -12 declaring the expiration and termination of the Pringle Creek Urban Renewal Plan. 
Thirty days passed with no objections. 
The Ordinance was recorded with the Marion County Clerk
December 5, 2012.

 Pringle Creek

Pringle Creek Urban Renewal Area

Located in southcentral Salem - Overview - (PDF)

The Pringle Creek Urban Renewal Plan (Plan) was adopted December 30, 1971 by the City Council and Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Salem. Pringle Creek Urban Renewal Area (URA) was the last urban renewal area in the State of Oregon to utilize Neighborhood Development Program (NDP) capital grants from the Federal Government authorized by the Housing Act of 1949 as amended. The NDP program provided matching capital grants to a qualifying URA that provided certain low-income housing, infrastructure improvements, and economic development opportunities. To fund the required local match, bonds were issued by the City of Salem and repaid by Pringle Creek URA tax increment collections. Soon, the NDP program was phased out by the Federal Government in favor of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Pringle Creek URA continued to utilize tax increment collections to retire the outstanding bonds and complete the stated URA objectives.

The URA was originally 77.7 acres, and expanded over the years up to 99.3 acres, then reduced over the years to 81.1 acres to accommodate various developments by the time it was closed. Located on the southern edge of downtown, activities focused on promoting private and public investment in the design and development of the URA. 

Tax increment collection was discontinued within the area in Fiscal Year 1992-93,  as major projects were already completed. They include the expansion of Salem Public Library, streetscape, Pringle Hall reconstruction, a partial loan for Salmon Run (one of Salem's first mixed-use projects), assembling land for reinvestment, including SAIF, 295 Church Street, Pringle Park; Mill Race and pathway improvements.

The Plan had been amended several times over the years, with the last amendment approved to change the closing date to December 30, 2011 to close it.  In order to officially remove it from property tax records, the City Council and Urban Renewal Agency Board had more public hearings to formally terminate the URA.  

Pringle Creek Urban Renewal Area map



Staff Contact
Annie Gorski 503.540.2480

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