Citizen Budget Committee


The Citizen Budget Committee consists of the entire City Council and nine appointed citizen members, who analyze and recommend a budget to the City Council. This Committee is active for about six weeks in April and May of each year. Members participate in the budget hearings on Wednesdays of each week during this period. The hearings begin at 6:00 p.m. The Committee holds occasional meetings throughout the year, as needed.

Special membership requirements:

  • The Budget Committee shall consist of the members of the governing body and a number, equal to the number of members of the governing body, of qualified electors of the municipal corporation appointed by the governing body
  • In order to maintain geographic balance, the appointive members of the Budget Committee shall consist of one elector from each ward and one elector from the city at-large

​Access the member guide and committee procedures to learn more about the role of the Budget Committee.

Watch a Budget Committee meeting online.

ORS 294.414
Number of members: 18
Type of appointment: City Council interview and election
Length of term: 3 years
Aug. 21
Center 50+ closed for maintenance Aug 21-Sept 4Center 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301
Sep. 04
Labor Day
Nov. 11
Veteran’s Day
Nov. 23
ThanksgivingCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
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Dec. 24
Center 50+ closed at 5 p.m.5:00 p.m.11:55 p.m.Center 50+
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5/15/2017budget-committee-agenda-2017-05-15.pdf7487 KB
5/3/2017budget-committee-agenda-2017-05-03.pdf8392 KB
4/26/2017budget-committee-agenda-2017-04-26.pdf763 KB
4/17/2017budget-committee-agenda-2017-04-17.pdf1501 KB
4/12/2017budget-committee-agenda-2017-04-12.pdf1657 KB
11/16/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-11-16.pdf174 KB
5/11/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-05-11.pdf183 KB
5/4/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-05-04.pdf190 KB
4/27/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-04-27.pdf174 KB
4/20/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-04-20.pdf43 KB
4/20/2016budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2016-04-20.pdf123 KB
4/13/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-04-13.pdf49 KB
4/13/2016budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2016-04-13.pdf225 KB
1/13/2016budget-committee-agenda-2016-01-13.pdf180 KB
12/9/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-12-09.pdf42 KB
5/13/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-05-13.pdf43 KB
5/13/2015budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2015-05-13.pdf35 KB
5/6/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-05-06.pdf181 KB
4/29/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-04-29.pdf185 KB
4/29/2015budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2015-04-29.pdf35 KB
4/22/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-04-22.pdf40 KB
4/22/2015budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2015-04-22.pdf34 KB
4/15/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-04-15.pdf38 KB
4/15/2015budget-committee-agenda-addendum-a-2015-04-15.pdf34 KB
1/21/2015budget-committee-agenda-2015-01-21.pdf35 KB
5/7/2014budget-committee-agenda-2014-05-07.pdf50 KB
5/7/2014budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2014-05-07.pdf35 KB
4/30/2014budget-committee-agenda-2014-04-30.pdf40 KB
4/30/2014budget-committee-reference-agenda-addendum-a-2014-04-30.pdf34 KB
4/23/2014budget-committee-agenda-2014-04-23.pdf41 KB
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Budget Committee Meeting Procedures19 KB
Term Expires
Bassett, ScottWard 44/12/2017Partial6/30/2018
Bergmann, SteveWard 712/14/201516/30/2018
Hazlett, ClarkWard 64/13/2015Partial; 16/30/2019
Hummel Judy, JoyceWard 56/26/2017Partial6/30/2018
Milton, DerikWard 812/14/2015Partial; 16/30/2020
Moore-Green, RaquelWard 310/14/20131; 26/30/2019
Nordyke, VanessaWard 79/28/201616/30/2019
Sund, ReidWard 26/26/201716/30/2020
VacantWard 16/30/2020

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