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Find crime statistics for your area by visting, or by reading our monthly neighborhood reports.​​​​

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  • Type an address in the search bar, for example, that of your home, work, or child’s school.

  • Narrow your search to pinpoint the type of crime you want to know about.

  • Crime​​​ updates data from Salem Police daily and uses the latest technology to map the information.

​Neighborhood statistics

Neighborhood crime statistics are gathered monthly and posted here about two weeks after the end of each month. Select the current month to get information on crimes for your neighborhood association area.

If you don’t know your neighborhood association, you can search for your address on our neighborhood association map​.​​ 

Local reports

Neighborhood Crime Statistics for Februrary 2017neighborhood-crime-stats-2017-02.pdf285 KB
Neighborhood Crime Statistics for January 2017neighborhood-crime-stats-2017-01.pdf284 KB
Neighborhood Crime Statistics for December 2016neighborhood-crime-stats-2016-12.pdf302 KB
Neighborhood Crime Statistics for November 2016neighborhood-crime-stats-2016-11.pdf300 KB
Neighborhood Crime Statistics for October 2016neighborhood-crime-stats-2016-10.pdf300 KB
Neighborhood Crime Statistics for September 2016neighborhood-crime-stats-2016-09.pdf278 KB