Request Police Records

​You can request police records in person or by mail from the Salem Police Department at:

Salem Police Department Records Section
​555 Liberty Street SE #130
Salem, OR 97301
Telephone: 503-588-6144​

​Requests cannot be accepted through email.  Fill out the Salem Police Records Request Form (English form/Spanish form​).  After the Records section receives your request, it will take a minimum of 72 hours to process it.​​

Companies who have a billing account with us may send requests by fax to 503-588-6329.

Police reports​​​​​

You can get a copy of a police report if the investigation and prosecution have been completed.

Fees for a police report:

  • If you are a victim of a crime, there is no fee for the first copy of your police report.
  • $10 non-refundable deposit, included in the base fee
  • $20 for a 1-24 page report
  • $30 for a 25-50 page report
  • $50 for reports greater than 50 pages
  • Additional fees for extra staff time may apply if request takes longer than 30 minutes to research. The fee is based on the salary and benefits of staff, and charged in 15 minute increments.

​​Name search

​Request a list of Salem Police citation and incident reports involving a particular person. The list includes the person’s name, incident type, date of occurrence, incident number, and how the person was involved (for example: victim, complainant, arrested, etc).

Fee for a name search: ​​​$15 per name   

Address Search

Get a list of Salem Police citation and incident reports​ at a particular address. The list includes the incident type, date of occurrence, and incident number.

Fee for an address search: ​​$15 per address   


You can get copies of photos related to a police report if the photos are releasable.

Fees for photographs:

  • $1 per photo​​
  • $20 per CD (digital photos)

​​​​​​Records check letter/visa letter

Request a letter that states whether you have a criminal record in Salem. This letter may be used when applying for ​​a work or travel visa. To get this le​tter, submit a written request and a copy of your photo identification.​


  • $15 for a Records Check Letter
  • $20 for a notarized Records Check Letter
  • ​$​​22 for a Visa Letter​​

911 Audio

​​For 911 audio, visit the Request 911 Audio and Other Recordings​ page.

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Salem Police Department Records Section
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Salem OR 97301
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