Get a Release for a Towed Vehicle
If your vehicle was taken into custody by the City of Salem, you will need to request a Release of Vehicle in​​ person ​at the Salem Police Department. Bring the following:

1. Proof of ownership or right to possess the vehicle
  • ​Photo ID, if you are the registered owner of the vehicle with DMV.
  • DMV Title Transfer form, stamped by DMV. Bills of sales and signed off titles will not be accepted without DMV Title transfer documentation.
  • If the owner of the vehicle can’t come in person, they can fill out an Authorization for Release form (English form​/Spanish form), to give permission to another to get the vehicle release. The form must be notarized.​​​
2. A valid driver
  • If you do not have a current driver license, bring someone with you who have a valid driver license to drive the car.
3. Proof of insurance
  • Insurance card or policy paperwork showing the towed vehicle as covered on the policy. The dates listed on the paperwork must cover the date you're picking up the vehicle. 
  • You can use your smart phone or tablet to show proof of insurance at the Police Department.
  • A bill or invoice from your insurance company, will not be accepted as proof of insurance.
4. $150 administrative fee​. The fee may be waived for the following reasons​:
  • Forfeiture (surrendering the title/ownership)
  • Traffic hazard
  • Recovered stolen
  • VIN check
  • Criminal investigation
  • Left on private property after an arrest

Once you have the release form, you can retrieve your vehicle from the tow company. ​​You will need to pay the tow bill and complete the tow company's additional paperwork to get your vehicle.​ Additional fees maybe charged by the tow company if it is after their normal business hours.​

Tow hearing

You can request a tow hearing if you feel your vehicle was wrongly towed. You must request​ a hearing within 5 days of the impound.​​ To request a hearing:

1. Get a Request for Hearing form from the Salem Police Department or Salem Municipal Court.

2. Complete the form. 

3. Return the form to:​

Salem Municipal Court
555 Liberty ST SE, Room 215
Salem, OR 97301


  • Authorization for Release form (English form​/Spanish form): G​ive permission for someone other than the owner to pick up the vehicle.
  • ​​DMV Title Transfer form: Use this form to show proof of ownership, if your vehicle isn't yet registered in your name with the DMV. This form must be attained from the DMV.
  • Vehicle Release form: Use this form to get your vehicle from the tow company. This form is available at Salem Police department.
  • Tow Hearing form: Use this form to request a hearing if you feel your vehicle was wrongly towed. This form is available at the Salem Police Department or Salem Municipal Court.​​​​​​​​

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