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Parking Policies & Guidelines 

 Parking Enforcement

City-Wide Parking Enforcement     
The Parking Services Division shares City-wide parking enforcement with the Salem Police Department. Parking Services responds to violations between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays and the Police Department responds after hours (503-588-6123).

Downtown Parking Enforcement    
Parking Services operates a highly visible enforcement program downtown. In addition to enforcing parking violations, Enforcement Officers enhance public safety through the use of crime prevention tactics and partnerships with businesses and the Salem Police Department.

The Downtown Parking District offers over 4,000 free customer parking spaces.  Employees are prohibited from using these free spaces between the hours of 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM every day of the year except Sunday and Holidays.  Downtown Parking District Map

 On-Street Parking

On-Street Parking Policy Guidelines   
On-street parking in Salem is managed through the use of various control devices including parking meters, signs, and where appropriate no controls. In some areas, which have mixed-uses, a combination of parking control devices may be appropriate. The intent of the following parking policies is to provide the rationale behind the use of various parking controls.  Parking controls are necessary to assure the on-street parking supply is used in a manner consistent with the need for businesses and the demand for parking they require. For example, retail and commercial areas typically have many customers visiting for short periods of time. This means that the curbside parking near retail businesses should not be occupied by all day parkers; "turnover" of these parking spaces is needed to provide parking for numerous users throughout the day. 

Prior to any parking controls being placed on the street, a study is conducted to determine which control will have the greatest benefit given the present use and the expected utilization of the parking space present. At locations where safety (vehicular or pedestrian) may be compromised, parking will not be allowed. Examples of this include near street intersections, driveways or where obstructions block the view of motorists or pedestrians.

 Downtown Business Areas

Downtown Business Area    
The Downtown Core Business Area consists of 3-hour free on-street customer parking and unlimited off-street customer parking in the Parkades. Except for 30 minute and loading zone spaces throughout the Downtown to allow for quick stops and loading/unlodiang of commercial businesses.

Anyone working or volunteering downtown is required to park in permit parking only 8AM to 9PM except Sunday and holidays. Contact the Permits Application Center for more information call 503-588-6256 or email: PACParking@cityofsalem.net .

 Parking Permits

Parking Permits     
Daily Parking Permits are sold at Salem City Hall in the Permit Application Center, Room 320, 555 Liberty St SE. Monthly, carpool, and residential parking permits are also sold at this office.

To obtain information for current rates and Permit Policies please call 503.588.6256 or email at PacParking@cityofsalem.net. You may check daily and monthly permit fees by clicking on Parking Permits.

 Parking Meters

Parking Meter Rates     
Parking meter rates are $1.50 per hour except for the Library Parkade where the rate is $0.75 per hour. 

Meter Cash Key
The City of Salem offers a parking meter Cash Key Program, which allows a parking patron to purchase a key that can be inserted into a parking meter and fund the meter at 20 minute intervals. Keys are $24 with an additional $17.50 processing fee for purchase or reloading of funds onto the keys. The City anticipates implementing new parking meter technology in 2014-2015. The Cash Key Program will be phased out as meters accepting Cash Keys are replaced. The City will not refund unused funds remaining on any Cash Keys.  Cash Keys can be purchased or have funds reloaded onto them at the City's Permit Application Center, City Hall at 555 Liberty St SE, Room 320, 503-588-6256.

Parking Meter Maintenance and Repair 
The City maintains over 1,800 parking meters. While preventive maintenance keeps most of the parking meters operating in top condition, inevitably mechanical failures will occur. The City encourages the timely report of parking meter malfunctions.  Please get the number off of the meter for use in the report.  If you are ticketed at a meter, the meter number will be on the ticket.  Call Parking Services at 503-588-6133.


Parking Fines     
If you have a question about paying or contesting a parking ticket, please contact our office using the information at the top of the page or go to the page: How do I pay/contest a parking ticket? for more information.  For the actual language of the City Code regarding the above enforcement sections, please refer to the following link: Parking Chapter 102.

You can report a parking violation or safety concern by calling the Parking Services Office at 503-588-6133, or online using the Online Report Form.

Abandoned and Junk Vehicle Abatement  
It is unlawful to park a Junk vehicle on a City street at any time, or to park any vehicle on a City street in the same location for more than five consecutive days.  Contact Compliance Services to report an abandoned or junk vehicle: 503-588-6421.

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