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Minto-Brown Island Park 

Minto-Brown Island Park

2200 Minto Island Road SE (View Map)

A meadow at Minto-Brown Island Park on a late summer evening

A Beautiful Natural Area

Explore the sights and sounds of more than 1,200 acres of lush, natural open and wooded areas known as Minto-Brown Island Park. This park borders the east bank of the Willamette River in Salem, Oregon. Visitors can walk, jog, or bike along 19 miles of hard and soft trails through native timber and grassy meadows. The park has several fishing spots, a paddle boat area, a playground, and paved bikeways.

There is a designated off-leash dog area approximately 30 acres in size that provides plenty of room for your pet to roam, play, and visit with doggy friends.

Park improvements have been kept unobtrusive to preserve this rural land, which serves as a sanctuary for waterfowl and wildlife. Observation platforms along the sloughs provide unique bird-watching opportunities for visitors, and many native species call the park home. Guests may enjoy sightings of blue herons, ospreys, squirrels, rabbits, and other wetland creatures.

Minto-Brown Island Park Amenities

What’s New at the Park

New Park Acres & Bridge

A recent purchase of 307 acres of Boise Cascade property has recently been added to the existing 898 park acres for a total of 1,205 acres. The new property will be the landing point for the Peter Courtney Pedestrian Bridge from Riverfront Park, scheduled for completion in 2016. You can view details and live camera photo of construction.

New Trails

New paved trails are coming to the park, and wayfinding signs have been installed throughout the park with large-scale maps at all four parking lots. New loops and trails have been designated for the paths that allow visitors to explore every corner of this beautiful park.

Water Fountains

Minto-Brown Island Park’s water fountains are supplied by a local well in the park, not the City of Salem water distribution system. We're currently not satisfied with the quality of the well water. Until the City is confident that the quality of the water being delivered is safe and of high quality, the drinking water fountains will remain off. We recommend park visitors bring their own water supply.

Volunteer Park Patrol

Dedicated volunteers work to keep Minto-Brown Island Park a safe and enjoyable place for all users. You may often see Park Patrol members giving directions or providing helpful information about trail conditions or park rules. Volunteers conduct general patrols of the park to create a friendly, safe atmosphere. Learn about this and other volunteer opportunities in City of Salem parks.

History of the Park

In 1857, Isaac “Whiskey” Brown established his home on what came to be known as Brown’s Island, near the west bank of the Willamette River. Here the colorful and untidy Brown raised livestock, farm produce, and tobacco. In 1867, John Minto purchased and cleared land on an island near the east bank, turning it into productive farmland. That island would later come to be named Minto Island.

Today the land these two men settled are no longer true islands, due to great flooding which changed the channel of the river so that it no longer flows between. The area is still subject to periodic flooding, which prevents it from being developed. Instead, ongoing restoration projects have added thousands of trees and converted many agricultural acres to native plantings. This prevents soil erosion, improves wildlife habitat, and promotes water quality.

Minto-Brown Island Park is bounded by the Willamette River, the Willamette Slough, the Salem Golf Club, and Homestead Road.

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