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Mid-Willamette Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Summit

A training resource for home builders, developers, engineers, architects, landscapers, construction contractors, and municipal staff and crews.

The Mid-Willamette Outreach Group is proud to host the annual Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Summit. If you are in need of continuing education or erosion prevention and sediment control training, then this is the perfect one-day event for you.

The summit takes place in January. Free parking is available, and free meals and refreshments are included with registration. Early-bird registration usually opens in November. We look forward to seeing you.

Earn up to Six Continuing Education Credits in One Day

This event focuses on core topics to meet your educational goals.

  • New techniques in construction erosion prevention
  • Stormwater facility design standards
  • Operation and maintenance of public stormwater facilities
  • Regulatory updates

 Download Resources

20172017_EC_Summit_Alan_Fleming_Biofiltration_SW_Treatment_IndFacil.pdf2017 Erosion Control Alan Fleming Biofiltration Treatment
20172017_EC_Summit_DEQ_Jill_Seale_PhaseII_PostConst.pdf2017 Erosion Control Jill Seale Phase II
20172017_EC_Summit_Katie_Holzer_MonitoringEffectivenessGreenInfrastructure.pdf2017 Erosion Control Katie HolzerMonitoring Green Infrastructure
20172017_EC_Summit_Matt_Graves_SW_Mmt_PortOfVancouver.pdf2017 Erosion Control Matt Graves Port of Vancouver
20172017_EC_Summit_Nathan_Hardebeck_EC_RegulatoryUpdates.pdf2017 Erosion Control Nathan Hardeback Regulatory Updates
20172017_EC_Summit_DEQ_Priscilla_Wolverton_PhaseII_PostConst.pdf2017 Erosion Control Priscilla Wolverton Phase II
20172017_EC_Summit_Ron_McPherson_Envirolok_MillCreekStudy.pdf2017 Erosion Control Ron McPherson Mill Creek Study
2017ecs-2017-participant-registration-form.pdf2017 Erosion Control Summit Registration
20172017_EC_Summit_Ted_Hart_BioretentionAssessmentGresham.pdf2017 Erosion Control Ted Hart Bio Retention Assesment
20172017_EC_Summit_Tony_Gilbertson_PvtWQFac_MmtandTraining.pdf2017 Erosion Control Tony Gilbertson Mmt Training
2016ecs-2016-summit-agenda.pdf2016 Erosion Control Summit Agenda
2016ecs-2016-participant-registration-form.pdf2016 Erosion Control Summit Registration Form
2015ecs-2015-presentation-mark-riedel.pdfPresentation: Industrial Stormwater Permit Updates
2015ecs-2015-presentation-mark-akimoff.pdfPresentation: Maintaining Stormwater Quality Infrastructure
2015ecs-2015-presentation-tony-gilbertson.pdfPresentation: Managing Erosion and Minimizing Environmental Impacts with BMPs
2015ecs-2015-presentation-ayn-generes.pdfPresentation: Managing Industrial Stormwater
2015ecs-2015-presentation-erich-brandstetter.pdfPresentation: Oregon Construction & Industrial Stormwater Permitting
2013ecs-2013-agenda.pdfErosion Control Summit Agenda
2013ecs-2013-presentation-bmps-for-controlling-erosion.pdfPresentation: Best Management Practices for Controlling Erosion
2013ecs-2013-presentation-bioswales-in-woodburn.pdfPresentation: Bioswales in Woodburn
2013ecs-2013-presentation-keizer.pdfPresentation: City of Keizer
2013ecs-2013-presentation-salem.pdfPresentation: City of Salem
2013ecs-2013-presentation-diverting-construction-debris.pdfPresentation: Diverting Construction Debris
2013ecs-2013-presentation-ec-in-lid.pdfPresentation: Erosion Control in Low Impact Development
2013ecs-2013-presentation-keizer-rapids-boating-facility.pdfPresentation: Keizer Rapids Boating Facility
2013ecs-2013-presentation-marion-county.pdfPresentation: Marion County
2013ecs-2013-presentation-preparing-for-erosion-inspection.pdfPresentation: Preparing for an Erosion Inspection
2012ecs-2012-presentation-keizer.pdfPresentation: City of Keizer
2012ecs-2012-presentation-salem.pdfPresentation: City of Salem
2012ecs-2012-presentation-evolution-paving.pdfPresentation: Evolution Paving
(More Items...)

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Top soil

Save the Date: January 24, 2017

The 2017 summit will be held at Keizer Civic Center.
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
930 Chemewa Road NE
Keizer, Oregon
Free parking

Registration Open Now

$50 Early Bird Registration

November 14–December 16, 2016

$75 Late Registration

December 17, 2016–January 17, 2017

How to Register

Email the registration form to ErosionSummit@cityofsalem.net if you wish to receive an email invoice. Do not send credit card information through email.

Register in person at the following address or mail registration forms to:

City of Salem
Erosion Control Summit Registration
555 Liberty Street SE Room 325
Salem, OR 97301-3513

Please direct questions to Deborah Topp at ErosionSummit@cityofsalem.net or 503-588-6211.

This Year’s Presentations

Earn up to six continuing education credits (LCB Technical and PDH Core). We host experienced experts from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Nathan Hardebeck, Clean Water Technologies
  • Matt Graves, Port of Vancouver
  • Alan Fleming, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
  • Tony Gilbertson, Clean Water Service
  • Katie Holzer, City of Gresham
  • Mark Riedel Bash, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Ron McPherson, Envirolok

Additional Resources

Read the Salem Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Plan Technical Guidance Manual, download presentation slides from past summits, or check out the list of related training opportunities.

Summit Sponsors

  • City of Salem
  • City of Keizer
  • Marion County
  • City of Albany
  • City of Corvallis
  • Marion Soil and Water Conservation District

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