2018-2019 Neighborhood Partnership Area Selected

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Through a competitive application process, neighbors and partners in the Edgewater District were selected as a City of Salem Neighborhood Partnership Program Area for another two-year term. Through the Neighborhood Partnership Program, the City of Salem collaborates with two neighborhood areas at a time to support activities that strengthen their neighborhood. This is in addition to the City's support of neighborhood associations.

Monthly themed walking cruises, three community hubs, two community gardens and annual Super Saturday celebrations are just a few of the things Edgewater neighbors and partners have worked on to strengthen their West Salem Neighborhood.

Other parts of West Salem and the community have taken notice too, expressing a desire to replicate some of Edgewater's efforts in their own neighborhoods.  As a result, Edgewater Partnership efforts now include a mentorship component.

"We see an ability to give back and pass along the good we have enjoyed in our efforts so far to help strengthen other West Salem neighborhoods and beyond," said Steve Anderson, West Salem neighbor and volunteer.

"When we began the Partnership in 2013 it was not uncommon to still hear 'the flats' used to identify the Edgewater District, said Dwayne Hilty, who lives and works in Edgewater.  "We can confidently say that this often negative identity marker has substantially decreased."

A committee of City staff from multiple departments scored this year's applications and agreed that the combination of the commitment of a wide variety of diverse partners to continue strengthening Edgewater, and their intent to offer guidance to other neighborhoods wishing to replicate some of their efforts, made their application the strongest submitted this year. 

Anyone who is interested in livability of the Edgewater Neighborhood and West Salem is welcome to participate.  The next Edgewater Partnership meeting will be Tuesday, December 12 at 12:30 pm at the West Salem Boys & Girls Club, 925 Gerth St NW.  

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