2019 Historic Photo Contest Winners Announced

View of Capitol Tower from the ground up.

Chairperson's Choice - "Capitol Tower - 1927"

​The Salem Historic Landmarks Commission will present awards to winners of the 2019 "This Place Matters" Historic Photo Contest on May 16, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, 555 Liberty Street SE, Salem. The public is invited to attend.

The photo contest consists of four categories: Best Historic Interior, Best Historic Exterior, Best Historic Landscape/Streetscape/Feature, and Best Selfie with a Historic Feature or Building. This year, there were 57 entries in the adult division of the contest, the most submitted in the contest's five years. Photos submitted by youth will be judged separately at the May 16 Historic Landmarks Commission meeting.

All photos will go up on display at the State Capitol Building from May 17 through June 2 as well as the City's Facebook page.

The winners of this year's adult section of the photo contest are:

Historic Exterior:

  • Winner: Jacquie Klose with "This Place Matters – Salem Railroad Station"
  • Honorable Mention: Ed Jacobs with "DCS_2411 Gilbert House"

Historic Interior:

  • Winner: Daniel Waldron with "Eye in the Sky"
  • Honorable Mention: Kimberly Seabury with "No Title"

Historic Feature/Landscape/Streetscape:

  • Winner: Eddie Maestas with "November 16th – Pringle Park"
  • Honorable Mention: Ed Jacobs with "DCS_7311 Salem Truss Bridge Walk"

Selfie with a Historic Building or Feature:

  • Winner: Jacob Callahan with "Dogs Life"
  • Honorable Mention: Camron Settlemier with "Photographing Myself Photographing the Ike Box"

Chairperson's Choice

  • Winner: Rebekah Willhite with "Capitol Tower – 1926"

​Historic Photo Contest: Winners

View of the inside of the capitol rotundra from the ground up.

Winner: Historic Interior - "Eye in the Sky"

Black and white photo of the salem railroad station.

Winner: Historic Exterior - "This Place Matters - Salem Railroad Station"

View of pringle park in the fall from the Church Street overpass.

Winner: Historic Landscape or Feature - "November 16th - Pringle Park"

Black and white french bulldog on the steps of the state capitol building.

Winner: Selfie with Historic Building/Feature - "Dogs Life"

​Historic Photo Contest: Honorable Mentions

Man taking a photo while sitting inside the Ike Box coffe shop.

Honorable Mention: Selfie with Historic Building/Feature - "Photographing Myself Photographing The Ike Box"

Bronze statue of a girl located in front of the Gilbert House.

Honorable Mention: Historic Exterior - " DCS_2411 Gilbert House"

View of the Salem Truss bridge from Wallace Marine Park.

Honorable Mention: Historic Landscape/Feature - "DCS_7311 Salem Truss Bridge Walk"

Black and white photo of a woman looking out a window in the Fairview Institution delpidated building.

Honorable Mention: Historic Interior - No Title

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