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The Downtown Advisory Board advises the Urban Renewal Agency Board on matters related to urban renewal and tax increment fund allocations, and the City Council on matters related to the Downtown Parking District and the Parking Fund.

Meetings are generally held the fourth Thursday of each month at noon.

Special membership requirements:


Authority: IGA for Downtown Advisory Board

Number of members: 11

Type of appointment: City Council/Urban Renewal Agency appointment

Length of term: 3 years

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11/8/2018742 KB
10/25/20181115 KB
10/25/2018376 KB
9/27/20181091 KB
9/27/20184972 KB
7/26/2018865 KB
7/26/2018183 KB
7/19/2018217 KB
6/28/20182210 KB
6/28/2018299 KB
5/24/20181666 KB
5/24/20181473 KB
3/22/2018662 KB
3/22/201892 KB
2/22/20181072 KB
2/22/2018106 KB
2/15/2018321 KB
1/25/20182180 KB
1/25/2018149 KB
12/7/2017726 KB
12/7/2017210 KB
10/26/2017633 KB
10/26/2017147 KB
9/28/20172171 KB
9/28/2017134 KB
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7/13/201728 KB
7/13/201786 KB
6/22/2017809 KB
6/22/2017166 KB
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Content Type
TypeFile Size
Downtown Advisory Board Intergovernmental AgreementIntergovernmental Agreementdab-iga.pdf361 KB
Operating PrincipalsDocumentdab-operating-principles-rules.pdf155 KB
Term Expires
Aaron Ray R TerpeningRepresenting At-Large; CB2 Architect; Ward 312/31/20151st12/31/2018
Brad ComptonRepresenting a business owner or property owner within the Riverfront Downtown URA07/14/20142nd12/31/2020
Chip ConradRepresenting Riverfront Downtown URA04/24/2017Partial12/31/2019
Dana L. VugteveenRepresenting business owner or property owner within the Downtown Parking District; Salem Center Mall Mgr11/18/20132nd12/31/2019
Hillary BanksRepresenting a real estate development or banking/financial professional07/13/20152nd12/31/2020
Jesse Y HayesRepresenting business owner or property owner within the Downtown Riverfront Downtown URA07/25/20161st12/31/2018
Jill MungerRepresenting an institutional organization, including the State of Oregon, Marion County, Salem Area Transit District, Willamette University, a non-profit organization providing services within the Riverfront-Downtown Urban Renewal Area, or Salem Hospital05/01/20132nd12/31/2018
Laurie MillerRepresenting business owner or property owner within the Downtown Parking District05/11/20152nd12/31/2020
Maria PalacioBusiness or Property Owner within Downtown URA, Ward 8;12/01/20122nd12/31/2019
Ronald WelterRepresenting real estate and/or banking/financial professionals;
Columbia Bank;
Vincenzo MeduriResides within or represents the interests of residents within the Riverfront Downtown URA07/25/2016Partial12/31/2018
Dec. 28
Center 50+evening closure during week of Christmas holiday5:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.Center 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301
Dec. 31
Center 50+ evening closure5:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.Center 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301
Jan. 01
New Year's Day
Jan. 24
Downtown Advisory Board12:00 p.m.1:30 p.m.Urban Development Department
350 Commercial ST NE
Salem OR 97301
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