Electronic Plans Frequently Asked Questions

​What types of documents are accepted?

  • Calculations, reports and non-drawing files are accepted, but must be saved as in a searchable PDF format.
  • Drawings should be saved as a PDF file.
  • All PDFs should be editable. Ask engineers and architects to send you unsecured PDF files.

When should I respond to a reviewer's comments?

You may receive requests for changes or additions from each review area listed on your permit in SPLASH. To make the review process more efficient, you should wait until all reviews are completed and upload one new file which represents a complete set of the document with all changes clearly identified.  Be sure to follow filename standards for secondary uploads.

How do I get my approved plans and permits?

  • Once your plans are approved and all fees have been paid, you will be notified that your plans and permit are available on SPLASH.
  • You can then download the approved plans and permits using SPLASH and make arrangements for printed copies to be available at the construction site.

Do I need to print a copy of the approved plans and permits?

Yes.  You must have a printed copy of the approved plans and all supporting documentation available on the job site for the inspectors to review.

How long will I have to wait for a response after uploading electronic documents?

  • For new applications, our goal is to create your folder and bill within one to two work days.
  • Once all plan review fees are paid and plans are uploaded, the plan review timeline starts on the next work day. The normal review timelines apply for electronic plan review:
    • Residential is 10 work days.
    • Commercial is 20 work days
  • Your responses to a request for information may take one to two work days before they are available to the person making the request.