Food and Sundries Distribution to the Homeless Community Task Force


The Food and Sundries Distribution to the Homeless Community Task Force was established to find ways to allow distribution of food and other charitable donations to the homeless population in Salem parks while significantly minimizing the impact to the properties and its users. It was created in response to continuing impacts to an area under the Marion Street Bridge where distributions were taking place. It will also identify alternative distribution locations for these programs. It is not the intent of this task force to allow, or find ways to allow, distributions in areas posted for no trespassing.

On January, 28, 2019, the Salem City Council representatives from social service agencies, homeless advocates, neighborhood associations, Salem Parks and Advisory Board, and city staff to the 15-member task force.


  • Becky George - City of Salem Recreation Services
  • Dan Clem - Union Gospel Mission
  • Dan Sheets - Coordinator of Local Food Providers
  • Gretchen Bennett - City Manager's Office
  • Jackie Driscoll Kelly - Salem New Beginnings
  • Jennifer Kellar - City of Salem Park Operations and Recreation
  • Jimmy Jones/Ashley Hamilton - ARCHES Project, MWVCAA
  • Josh Lair/Matt Maceira - Be Bold Street Ministries
  • Sergeant Kevin Hill - Salem Police Department
  • Kevin Hogan - River Church
  • Kristin Retherford - City of Salem Urban Development; Director
  • Lorrie Walker - Advocate
  • Micki Varney - City of Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • Murray Giesbrecht - Emmanuel Bible Church
  • Sarah Owens - Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CAN-DO)
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