Public Wi-Fi and Printing at the Library

Salem Public Library offers wi-fi access for  your internet-connected device to download e-books, do research, or browse the internet. You can send a print job from your internet-connected device to the printers in the computer center on the 1st floor while in the Library, or from home.

​​Connect to the library wi-fi

The wi-fi network name is Salem_Public_Library. No special settings, usernames, or passwords are required.

Please note: 

  • Due to insurance limitations and warranties, Library staff is not able to configure patrons' laptops.​
  • The library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a laptop's configuration, operation, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.
  • Virus and security protection is the responsibility of the patron.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a user's equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used at the Library's facilities.
  • The Library cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time nor can the library accept reservations for wireless access.
  • Please restrict your use of the connection to one hour while others are waiting.
  • Patrons sh​all defend, indemnify and hold the City of Salem, its officers, employees, and agents harmless against all claims, actions, and judgments based upon or arising out of the patron's use of library wireless connections.

Public Internet use rules of conduct

Salem Public Library is pleased to provide wireless ​internet access to patrons and guests. In order to ensure access to everyone in a quiet, comfortable and  safe setting we ask that you agree to abide by our Internet Use Rules. ​By connecting to and using the Library wi-fi you agree you will not do any of the following:

  • Transmit offensive, threatening, harassing, abusive, or defaming language and images
  • Conduct a business or commercial enterprise, engage in commercial activity, or engage in the sale or promotion of any illegal substance
  • View, transmit or download pornographic materials
  • Violate intellectual property rights by making unauthorized copies of copyrighted, licensed, or otherwise controlled software or data residing on the Internet
  • Intentionally transmit worms, viruses, or other harmful programs
  • Hack into unauthorized computers, networks, or information systems   
  • Invade the privacy of others.

You also agree to respect the comfort of others by:

  • Keeping conversations quiet
  • Using cell phones in lobbies or outside
  • Confining computer sounds to the headphones
  • Arranging for childcare elsewhere

In addition to the above, violation of any Federal or State statute or local ordinance will be regarded as a violation of Salem Public Library rules. The City of Salem reserves the right to cause to be ejected or refuse further admission to those individuals who violate Salem Public Library rules, create disorder, or engage in illegal activity. Violators are subject to arrest or Trespass under Salem Revised Code 95.550. These sanctions are not exclusive, and any other remedies available at law or equity to obtain compliance with these rules will be pursued.

Pri​nt files from your device

You can print just about any document or web page from your interne​t-connected device. Send your print job from the Library Pri​nteron page, or use a Printeron app.​ Your print job is stored on the library server for 4 hours.

The printers are located on floor one of the Library in the Computer Center. To retrieve your file, enter the email address you used to submit the file. Black and white pages cost 10 cents per page. Color pages cost 75 cents per page.​​

Woman with books and laptop