Request a Building Inspection

​You can schedule final inspections for your construction project by calling 503-588-6256 during regular business hours. Other building inspections can be scheduled online or by calling 503-540-2451.

Final inspections

Structural Final inspections: Call 503-588-6256 during regular business hours and press 0 when you hear the recording. You will be connected to a permit specialist to coordinate the inspections for all City departments. Final inspections for commercial projects include landscape and zoning inspections.

Final Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing inspections: These final inspections can be scheduled online.

Certificates of Occupancy/Final Approval are available upon request after the Final Inspection is approved.

Online requests

You can use the Salem Permit, License, & Application Services Home (SPLASH) website to schedule inspections that are not final inspections.  As a registered user, you can login to:

  • Request inspections on any of your permits
  • Review inspection results
  • Email your inspector

Deferrals and revisions: If your project has a deferred item or a revised item being reviewed by a plans examiner,  no inspections on the project can be scheduled online. You must call 503-588-6256 during regular business hours to get approval from the plans examiner.

AM/PM requests are not guaranteed. Inspector workload and routings determine the time of day when inspections are done.

Phone requests

If you need an inspection that is a not a final inspection and all reviews for the project are complete, you can call one of the phone numbers below:

  • Building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and sewer and storm (not in the public-right-of way) : Call 503-540-2451 and leave a message with your name, phone number, permit number, job site address and the inspection you want.
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and erosion control: Call 503-589-2021.
  • Public right-of-way building sewer and stormCall 503-588-6311.
  • Water taps: Call 503-589-2193.
  • Public improvements including new streets and sewer lines: An inspector is assigned to your specific project. Contact your project manager directly.

Off-hour inspections

If your project requires inspections after normal business hours, you can submit an off-hours inspection application. A completed application must be submitted at least two business days before the required inspection. Approval of off-hours inspection services is subject to staff availability.

Inspection checklists

Wood Framed Commercial Structural Inspection Checklist258 KB11/15/2018
Wood Framed Homes Mechanical Inspection Checklist166 KB10/4/2018
Wood Framed Homes-Electrical Inspection Checklist229 KB9/24/2018
Wood Framed Homes-Plumbing Inspection Checklist181 KB10/15/2018
Wood Framed Homes-Structural Inspection Checklist242 KB10/8/2018
Wood Framed-Commercial Mechanical Inspection Checklist245 KB10/4/2018


Inspections are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on holidays.  

Same day inspections: Call before 5 a.m. and leave a message. 

Next day or later inspections: Online requests and phone calls received after 5 a.m. will be scheduled the following day unless a later date is requested.