Submit Electronic Plans

​Electronic application and plan review improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Getting started for first-time users

Using e-plan review

Plans preparation: Make sure your documents meet the following standards:

  • Formatted according to the plan type’s checklist. 
  • Saved in PDF format that can be edited. 
    • All pages of building plans should be in a single file. 
    • All pages should be rotated to be viewable.
    • Files should not be secured.
    • Files should not contain digital signatures. Engineers and architects should send files containing a computer-generated image of seal with handwritten signature. Salem cannot accept files that are digitally signed as the final approved plans are combined into one file.
  • Saved with the correct file names.

Application submission: Complete and submit the electronic application form for your permit.

Prescreening: Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by email if information is missing.

Plan review fees: When your application is accepted, you will be notified by email of the plan review fees.  Pay the fees online.

Plans upload: Upload your electronic plans and documents. 

  • The plan review process starts one to two work days after the plans are uploaded. Plans and documents are not accepted by email.
  • All city departments review your plans at the same time. 
  • You will be notified by email if corrections or more information is needed.

Secondary plans upload: You may receive requests for changes or additions from each review area listed on your permit. To make the review process more efficient:

  • ​Wait until all reviews are completed.
  • Upload files with all changes clearly identified. Plans and documents are not accepted by email.
  • Follow filename standards for secondary uploads.

Plans approval: Once your plans have been approved:

  • An email notification containing the final permit fees is sent to the applicant.
  • You can pay the fees online or in person.

Once the fees have been paid, the permit will be issued.

Printing permit and plans: Once the permit has been issued, login to the Permit Application Center:

  • Print your permit.​
  • Download your approved plans and print a full-size copy of the plans for your construction site.

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