Additional Homeless Shelters in Salem this Winter

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​On November 9, 2020, the Salem City Council extended its emergency housing declaration, making it easier for temporary warming centers and emergency shelters to open in Salem during the winter months.  The unanimous vote in favor of extending the emergency declaration , adopted in January 2020, recognizes an ongoing and urgent need to provide additional shelter space for Salem's unsheltered community.

Adverse seasonal weather conditions, the recent Oregon wildfire emergency, and the continuing COVID-19 Pandemic add to the urgency of providing additional sheltering in our community, as City leadership works to provide more flexibility and support to non-profit partners assisting unsheltered residents.

Under the resolution, the vehicle camping pilot program will continue. To date, this program has prompted several property owners to apply for a permit that allows a limited number of overnight vehicle campers on their property.

Providing sheltering is a top priority for the City. Resolution No 2020-37 supports the City's effort to increase shelter capacity and expand special programs for authorized vehicle camping.

Read more about the City of Salem's $1.4 million investment to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Salem's unsheltered residents and business communities. This investment will result in more sheltering locations; more water, garbage services and restrooms in parks used as shelter locations; more support for vehicle camping locations and the cash for trash program, and more Salem Warming Network sites. For Salem's business community, grant applications will be available to local businesses so that they can protect customers from weather in outdoor spaces. 


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