Age-Friendly Community - Forum and Discussion on October 17

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​On Wednesday, October 17th at 2 p.m. at Center 50+, the City of Salem will host a special Community Forum to get additional community input about livability for Salem's older adults. Join us as we work to make Salem an Age-Friendly and Livable City for All Ages. Community input is important here!

The eight domains of livability that make up the Age-Friendly Initiative are not stand-alone areas. They are all connected and there is much overlap! Each of the eight domains—Housing; Transportation; Community and Health Services; Outdoor Spaces and Buildings; Civic Participation, Volunteerism, and Employment; Social Participation; Respect and Social Inclusion; and Communication and Information—are critical to livability for all people. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend and contribute as we crystalize key issues and shape the final assessment report.

The population is aging and Salem seeks to be ready to embrace our seniors and people of all ages. That happens with your thoughts, dreams, and ideas. The assessment phase of Age-Friendly Initiative is more than just an exercise to stimulate discussion . . . it is to engage the community in shaping how Salem comes together to become a City for All Ages.

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