Age-Friendly Initiative

For a period of one year beginning Fall 2017, a planning team will meet monthly to review 8-primary liveability domains:

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social Participation
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Civic Participation and Employment
  • Communicaiton and Information
  • Community Support and Health Services

The community will be invited and encouraged to attend focus groups and forums, participate in surveys, and complete assessment tools.  This page will keep community members aware of upcoming opportunities, progress, results, and next steps.


​Meeting for individuals who are interested in serving on the year-long Age Friendly Salem Assessment and Planning Team.  The meeting will be held at Center 50+ 2615 Portland Rd NE from 2-4 pm. 


Wednesday, November 8, 2-4 pm Center 50+​

There will be a panel discussion with S/K Cherriots, City of Salem, and Bike & Pedestrian Groups.  The public is invited to come learn about things that are currently in place to encourage less reliance on automobiles, as well as what  key initiatives are being lead to improve community connectivity.  The particular focus for these discussions surrounds concerns and needs of older adults. However, all community members and partners are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts in regards to the needs of Salem.

10/18/2017Transportation201 KB

​Mayor, Chuck Bennett, has made a commitment to actively work toward making our city a great place for people of all ages. Center 50+ has accepted the challenge of developing an action plan to establish Salem as an Age-Friendly Community. The World Health Organization conceived this idea in June, 2005. WHO realized that communities need to prepare for the rapid aging of our population by paying increased attention to the environmental, economic, and social factors that influence the health and well-being of older adults. By doing so, these communities are better equipped to become great places, and even lifelong homes, for people of all ages.

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