Apply for a Work in Public Right-of-Way Permit

If you want to work in the City of Salem public right-of-way, you must obtain an approved work in the right-of-way permit from the Public Works Planning and Development Division (SRC 77.090). Examples of work in the public right-of-way include staging vehicles in or closing a:

  • Alley
  • Lane
  • On-street parking space
  • Street
  • Sidewalk

Application process

Be sure to check current road conditions for other projects in the area where you will be working.

You need to submit the following items to the Public Works Department at least three full business days before the planned closure:

  • A completed application form
  • The permit fee (If you are bringing cash or a check, please call to verify the fee amount before turning in the application.)
  • A drawing clearly detailing the planned traffic control including:
    • Signs to be used and their placement
    • Spacing
    • Cones
    • Detour routes
    • Taper lengths

Proposed closure of a collector or arterial street may require a two-week notification prior to the planned closure. The Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook (OTTCH) and Part 6 of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) contain details necessary to close any portion of City right-of-way and will be helpful in the development of your traffic control plan.

The City Traffic Engineer, or their designee, reserves the right to deny or modify the submitted traffic control plan. Should a problem arise as a result of the approved traffic control, additional traffic control may be required at the permittee's expense.

Other permits 

In addition to obtaining a work in right-of-way permit, other permits may be required, including the following:

  • Parking permit: For parking use or parking removal associated with traffic control
  • Street opening: For any work that disturbs the ground or installation of something in the ground

Traffic control drawing templates

The links below include generic traffic control templates and other information you may use to fill out, modify, and create the traffic control plan required to obtain a closure permit. The generic plans will work for many situations, but a site-specific plan may be required.

traffic-control-bk-101Traffic Control Plan Supplemental For Bike Lanetraffic-control-bk-101.pdf25 KB
traffic-control-bk-102Bike Lane Closure, 4-Lane Streettraffic-control-bk-102.pdf40 KB
traffic-control-bk-102-aBike Lane Closure, 2-Lane Streettraffic-control-bk-102-a.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-lc-101Two-way Traffic with Flaggerstraffic-control-lc-101.pdf42 KB
traffic-control-lc-102Single Lane Closure Curb Lane, 4 Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-102.pdf44 KB
traffic-control-lc-103Single Lane Closure Curb Lane, 5 Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-103.pdf35 KB
traffic-control-lc-104Single Lane Closure Center Lane, 4 Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-104.pdf45 KB
traffic-control-lc-105Single Lane and Center Turn Lane Closure, 5 Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-105.pdf46 KB
traffic-control-lc-106Single Lane Closure Right Curb Lane, One-Way 4-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-106.pdf47 KB
traffic-control-lc-107Single Lane Closure Left Curb Lane, One-Way 4-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-107.pdf46 KB
traffic-control-lc-108Single Lane Closure Left Curb Lane, One-Way Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-108.pdf46 KB
traffic-control-lc-109Single Lane Closure Left Curb Lane, One-way 3-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-109.pdf46 KB
traffic-control-lc-110Single Lane Closure Right Curb Lane, One-way 2-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-110.pdf47 KB
traffic-control-lc-111Single Lane Closure Left Curb Lane, One-way 2-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-111.pdf47 KB
traffic-control-lc-112Single Lane Closure at Intersection, 5-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-112.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-lc-113Curb Lane Closure at Intersection, 5-Lane Streettraffic-control-lc-113.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-lc-114Right Lane Closure at Intersection, One Way Streettraffic-control-lc-114.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-lc-115Left Lane Closure at Intersection, One Way Streettraffic-control-lc-115.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-lc-116Right Lane Closure at Intersection, One Way Streettraffic-control-lc-116.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-lc-117Left Lane Closure at Intersection, One Way Streettraffic-control-lc-117.pdf51 KB
traffic-control-lc-118Single Lane Closure Right Curb Lane, One-Way Street Closing Lane Before it Startstraffic-control-lc-118.pdf44 KB
traffic-control-lc-119Left-Turn Lane Closure at Intersectiontraffic-control-lc-119.pdf61 KB
traffic-control-lc-120Right Turn Lane Closure at intersection, 5-3 lanetraffic-control-lc-120.pdf56 KB
traffic-control-lc-121Right Turn Lane Closure at intersection, 5-lane street both legstraffic-control-lc-121.pdf56 KB
traffic-control-lc-122Auxiliary Lane Closure at Intersectiontraffic-control-lc-122.pdf48 KB
traffic-control-sf-101Work in Shoulder or Right-of-Way, Out of Roadwaytraffic-control-sf-101.pdf42 KB
traffic-control-sf-102Work in Shoulder or Right-of-way, Out of Roadway One-Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-102.pdf37 KB
traffic-control-sf-103Work in Shoulder With Minor Encroachmenttraffic-control-sf-103.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sf-103-aWork in Shoulder with Minor Encroachment, 4- or 5-Lane Streettraffic-control-sf-103-a.pdf42 KB
traffic-control-sf-104Work in Shoulder With Minor Encroachment One-Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-104.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sf-105Work in Parking Strip Right Sidetraffic-control-sf-105.pdf49 KB
traffic-control-sf-106Work in Parking Strip One-Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-106.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sf-106-aWork in parking strip, one-way street, left side, three lanestraffic-control-sf-106-a.pdf105 KB
traffic-control-sf-106-bWorking in parking strip, one-way street, left side, four lanestraffic-control-sf-106-b.pdf105 KB
traffic-control-sf-107Work in Parking Strip With Minor Encroachmenttraffic-control-sf-107.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sf-108Work in Parking Strip With Minor Encroachment One-Way Street Right Sidetraffic-control-sf-108.pdf40 KB
traffic-control-sf-108aWork in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment One-Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-108a.pdf40 KB
traffic-control-sf-108-bWork in parkng strip witn minor encroachment, one-way street, right side, 3 lanestraffic-control-sf-108-b.pdf106 KB
traffic-control-sf-108-cWorking in parking strip with minor encroachment, one-way street, right side, 4 lanestraffic-control-sf-108-c.pdf106 KB
traffic-control-sf-109Work in Shoulder With Minor Encroachment, Local Streettraffic-control-sf-109.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sf-110Shifting Plan, 2 Lane Street With Delineationtraffic-control-sf-110.pdf51 KB
traffic-control-sf-111Shifting Plan, 2 Lane Street With Delineation One-Way Streettraffic-control-sf-111.pdf69 KB
traffic-control-sf-112Shifting Plan, 3 Lane Streettraffic-control-sf-112.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-sf-113Center Turn Lane Closure for 3- or 5-Lane Streettraffic-control-sf-113.pdf48 KB
traffic-control-sf-114Shifting Plan, Local Streettraffic-control-sf-114.pdf40 KB
traffic-control-sf-115Work in Center of Local Streettraffic-control-sf-115.pdf62 KB
traffic-control-sf-116Work in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment, Intersectiontraffic-control-sf-116.pdf45 KB
traffic-control-sf-116-aWork in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment, Intersection, One-way Streettraffic-control-sf-116-a.pdf44 KB
traffic-control-sf-117Work in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment - North Side of Intersection, Right Sidetraffic-control-sf-117.pdf44 KB
traffic-control-sf-117-aWork in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment - North Side of Intersection, Right Side One-way Streettraffic-control-sf-117-a.pdf54 KB
traffic-control-sf-118Work in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment - Intersection, One Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-118.pdf44 KB
traffic-control-sf-119Work in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment - North Side of Intersection, One Way Street Left Sidetraffic-control-sf-119.pdf43 KB
traffic-control-sf-120Work in Parking Strip with Minor Encroachment, Side Street - Right Side of Intersectiontraffic-control-sf-120.pdf42 KB
traffic-control-sw-101Sidewalk Closure, Mid Blocktraffic-control-sw-101.pdf53 KB
traffic-control-sw-102Sidewalk Closure at Crosswalk, Left Sidewalktraffic-control-sw-102.pdf52 KB
traffic-control-sw-103Sidewalk Closure at Crosswalk, Right Sidewalktraffic-control-sw-103.pdf68 KB
traffic-control-sw-104Sidewalk Closure, Cul-de-Sactraffic-control-sw-104.pdf43 KB
traffic-control-xspt-101Temporary Traffic Control Spacing Tablestraffic-control-xspt-101.pdf23 KB
traffic-control-sc-101Alley Closure Plantraffic-control-sc-101.pdf54 KB
traffic-control-sc-101-aAlley Closure Plan Work at One Endtraffic-control-sc-101-a.pdf57 KB
traffic-control-sc-102Street Closure, Local Street With Detourtraffic-control-sc-102.pdf163 KB
traffic-control-sc-103Street Closure, Local Streettraffic-control-sc-103.pdf136 KB
traffic-control-sc-103-aStreet Closure, Local Street, Work at Intersectiontraffic-control-sc-103-a.pdf148 KB
traffic-control-sc-104Street Closure, Local Dead End Streettraffic-control-sc-104.pdf123 KB
traffic-control-sc-105Street Closure Local Street One-Way Grid with Detourtraffic-control-sc-105.pdf125 KB
traffic-control-sc-106Street Closure, Local Street One-Way Gridtraffic-control-sc-106.pdf131 KB
traffic-control-sc-106-aStreet Closure, Local Street One-Way Gridtraffic-control-sc-106-a.pdf134 KB
traffic-control-sc-107Closure for New Street Connection at Dead Endtraffic-control-sc-107.pdf37 KB
traffic-control-sc-108Closure for New Street Connection, Mid-Blocktraffic-control-sc-108.pdf39 KB
traffic-control-sc-109Closure for New Street Connection at Intersectiontraffic-control-sc-109.pdf41 KB

Road closed sign on dirt road.

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