Get an Alcohol Permit

Alcohol can be a part of your event, but alcohol is not allowed in all parks. Each facility is different. Please check the park listing or call Parks Recreation for more information.

If alcohol is allowed and approved through the reservation process, you will be required to pay the associated fees.

Allowed alcohol

Only beverages with an alcohol content of 14 percent or less may be consumed within reservable picnic areas.

Note: Alcohol must stay within 100 feet of the reserved area. Kegs or pony kegs are prohibited.

Make sure you keep a completed and approved copy of the reservation permit at the event to verify you have obtained the proper approval and authorization.

Alcohol sales

If you are planning to sell alcohol at your event, short term concessions permits and fees apply. You will also need to provide copies of approved permits and licensing obtained through Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Trees, grass, and pathways outside Pringle Community Hall

Pringle Community Hall is a popular venue for weddings, meetings, and family reunions.

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