Apply for Wastewater Rate Assistance

​​Wastewater rate assistance

Salem offers discounts for the wastewater portion of your utility bill to qualifying senior citizens or disabled heads of household. Only one discount will be approved per household.

If the wastewater rate discount application is approved, rate reductions will begin on the first month following the approval.​

Program qualifications

The following qualifications must be met in order to apply:

  • Utility account name. Your name must be on the utility account.

  • Head of household. You must be the head of the household in which you live.

  • Qualifying circumstance. You must meet one of the following criteria:

    • Senior citizen. You must be 62 years of age or older and should not be receiving housing assistance payments from a local housing authority.

    • Disabled head of household. You must be unable to obtain gainful employment due to a disability.

  • Address

    1. You must live at the address for which assistance is being requested.

    2. The address must be a single-family residence.

    3. You must receive wastewater service from the City of Salem.

  • Low income. Your total combined gross household income must be equal to or less than 30 percent of the Salem area median income, based on family size, as published annually by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. Household income is defined as the total gross income for all people living with you in your residence for the last calendar year. Some examples of household income include: pensions, annuities, wages, salaries, tips, Social Security benefits, interest, dividends, investments, and public or governmental assistance.

Application process

Step 1

Complete the application form.

Step 2

Attach the required documentation for your qualifying circumstance.

  • Senior citizen
    1. Driver’s license or birth certificate for proof of age

    2. A copy of the most recent tax return, social security annual statement, or annual retirement statement for proof of income

  • Disabled head of household

    1. Written statement from a medical doctor or government agency indicating applicant is disabled and not able to obtain gainful employment due to the disability

    2. A copy of the most recent tax return, social security annual statement, or annual retirement statement for proof of income

Step 3

Return the form in person or by mail to Customer Services Utility Billing.

Senior woman applying for financial aid

Eligible utility customers who are at least 62 years of age or who are disabled heads of household can receive a wastewater rate discount.


Contact us

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