Apply for a Watershed Protection and Preservation Grant

​Did you know that all Salem residents are eligible to receive grant funding to assist with local projects that protect or improve the health of our watersheds?

A watershed is an area of land that is drained by a river and its tributaries made up of a unique mixture of habitats that influence each other. These habitats include wetlands, forests, creeks, rivers and lakes, farms, and even cities or towns.

Examples of acceptable grant proposals

  • Streamside and riparian restoration, including the use of tree plantings and bioengineering techniques for erosion control
  • Environmental education programs
  • Removal of a fish barrier
  • Removal or replacement (with native vegetation) of noxious vegetation in riparian areas
  • Preservation of watersheds by restoring and/or preserving upland green space and native vegetation
  • Inventories and assessment of natural areas, including noxious weed identification
  • Design, construct, or improvement of stormwater management facilities (e.g., bioswale, eco-roof, or pervious pavement) that serves more than a single residential property
  • Creation of conservation easements or purchase of environmentally sensitive land
  • Match for other grants on eligible projects

How to apply for a grant

Step 1

Read the Watershed Protection Program Information and Application Instructions.

Step 2

Complete the application by typing, or clearly writing, the information requested.

Step 3

Complete and attach all required documents listed in the application form.

Step 4

Submit application in person or by mail to the City of Salem Public Works Department.

Contact us

Public Works Department
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
555 Liberty ST SE RM 325
Salem OR 97301