Bring Your Leaves to the Free Fall Leaf Haul

Photo of woman and child making angels in fallen leaves.

Bring your leaves from home to the City of Salem's Free Fall Leaf Haul events November 16 and December 14, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Brown's Island Demolition Landfill

​Your trees are nearly bare and you've made all the "leaf angels" you possibly can in your leaf piles, now what? 

Salem residents can dispose of leaves piling up in their yard at the City of Salem's Fall Leaf Haul Events. The free events will be held Saturday, November 16 and Saturday, December 14, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Brown's Island Demolition Landfill (2895 Faragate Street S).

The free leaf haul events are for residents only, not for commercial landscapers.

You don’t have to bag your leaves if you are dropping them off at Brown’s Island Demolition Landfill. However, if you are using bags, the City encourages the use of paper lawn leaf trash bags, instead of single-use plastic.

Assistance is available to transport bagged leaves for seniors and people with disabilities. Those who need assistance may call 503-588-6303 by Nov. 15, 2019 to make arrangements.

Brown's Island Demolition Landfill only accepts leaves or yard debris from the public during the Fall Leaf Haul, which is made possible by the City of Salem, Marion County, and local garbage haulers.

Keep Leaves out of Streets and Storm Drains

The combination of falling leaves and increased rain can lead to clogged storm drains and cause local street flooding. Accumulation of leaves in streets and streams also adds excess nutrients that can degrade the water quality of local streams. The Fall Leaf Haul is one of many best management practices addressed in the City's stormwater permit that help reduce the amount of pollutants from entering local streams.  

Compost with a Purpose

The Fall Leaf Haul is an opportunity to dispose of leaves that turn into compost with a local purpose. The compost is used in Marion County parks and restoration projects and donated to schools and non-profits, such as the Marion-Polk Food Share for use in their community gardens. Residents can purchase the compost at the Marion County Juvenile Department's Fresh Start Market (3020 Center St. NE, Salem 97301).

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