Proposed 2018-19 Salem Budget Continues Investments in Community: June 11, 2018 Public Hearing

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​Proposed 2018-19 Salem Budget Continues Investments in Community


On Jun. 11, 2018, the Salem City Council will consider whether to adopt a recommended budget of nearly $600 million for the 2018-19 fiscal year at a public hearing. If you are interested in providing testimony on the budget, you can share your testimony directly with City Council in two ways: in person on Jun. 11, by signing up to provide testimony before 6 p.m. the night of the hearing, or in advance of the public hearing via email.

Presentation to the Budget Committee on Apr. 25, 2018:

Last year, the City completed a strategic planning effort with the primary goal of engaging our community and the City Council to sustain efficient and effective delivery of Salem's services. Through extensive outreach and engagement, including a 2016 and 2017 resident satisfaction survey, the City Council developed six priorities to further the City's adopted mission:  "The City of Salem provides fiscally sustainable and quality services to enrich the lives of present and future residents, the quality of environment and neighborhoods, and the vitality of our economy."

The proposed budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year, which is set to begin Jul. 1, 2018, furthers the six City Council and community-identified priorities – or service areas – in the following manner:

  • Safe, Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure: Continuing investments in pedestrian safety, design and construction of the voter-approved $61.8 million public safety facility, and $45.9 million for improvements to the City's transportation and utility systems and infrastructure.
  • Welcoming and Livable Community: Launching a community vision for growth and development and continuing the Homeless Rental Assistance Program, and expanding inspection of multi-family residential buildings in Salem.
  • Natural Environment Stewardship: Developing a baseline of greenhouse gas data with assistance from partners.
  • Strong and Diverse Economy. Studying market feasibility for high speed internet in the downtown, with the possibility of expanding the service, and expanding the use of grants to downtown building owners to help seismically retrofit their buildings.
  • Safe Community. Re-opening Fire Station 11 and establishing a sobering center in partnership with Marion County, Salem Health and other social service partners in our community.  
  • Good Governance. Developing a Priority Based Budget (PBB) framework for Salem to help align the City's available resources to the highest community benefit, stabilize budgets, and leverage resources toward community priorities. PBB is a nationally recognized best practice for focusing public resources on results.

The Budget Process

Through Apr. and May 2018, the Budget Committee comprised of elected and appointed members met to consider community input on the City's estimates for revenue, and the cost of services and capital projects. The Budget Committee held a total of three meetings to consider input and develop a recommended budget for the City Council. The Council will conduct a public hearing on the budget on Jun. 11 and consider adoption of the budget on Jun. 25. The City of Salem's new budget year starts Jul. 1, 2018 and ends Jun. 30, 2019. 

For more information, check out our web page on the City's Budget and Plan for Capital Improvements

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