Download Building Permit Applications and Forms

Application forms for any part of the building process are available below. Application and review fees must be paid before application processing begins.​​

Application forms​​

Additional Plans Submittal Information Form283 KB9/6/2017
Alternate Materials, Design, Methods Request Form618 KB8/7/2017
Commercial Building Permit Application427 KB10/24/2017
Commercial Reroof Permit Application698 KB8/7/2017
Commercial Special Inspection and Testing Request Form1053 KB8/7/2017
Deferred Submittal Application667 KB8/7/2017
Electrical Master Permit Application590 KB8/7/2017
Electrical Permit Application832 KB11/7/2017
Electrical Reconnect Permit Application562 KB8/7/2017
Electrical Renewable Energy Permit Application760 KB8/7/2017
Expedited Inspections Application398 KB11/30/2017
Expedited Plan Review Application414 KB11/30/2017
Fire System Permit Application802 KB8/7/2017
Manufactured Home Permit Application409 KB9/1/2017
Mechanical-Commercial Permit Application453 KB10/24/2017
Mechanical-Residential Permit Application734 KB8/7/2017
Phased Permitting Application670 KB8/7/2017
Plumbing Permit Application863 KB9/27/2017
Pre-Submittal Meeting Application680 KB8/7/2017
Residential Building Permit Application421 KB8/11/2017
Residential New Home Moisture Content Certification Form267 KB5/2/2017
Residential Water Meter Sizing Worksheet471 KB10/7/2013
Sign Permit Application702 KB8/7/2017
Structural Demolition Permit Application685 KB8/7/2017
Temporary Occupancy Application397 KB12/30/2014
Tent or Canopy Permit Application649 KB8/7/2017


Commercial Building Plans and Documentation Checklist25 KB3/20/2017
Fire Plans and Documentation Checklist21 KB3/20/2017
Manufactured Home Plans and Documentation Checklist22 KB3/20/2017
Mechanical-Commercial Plans and Documentation Checklist22 KB3/20/2017
Quality Assurance Plan Review Checklist-Commercial42 KB10/1/2015
Quality Assurance Plan Review Checklist-Residential36 KB10/1/2015
Radon Mitigation Plan Review Checklist642 KB2/19/2015
Residential Building Plans and Documentation Checklist25 KB3/20/2017
Sign Permit Plans and Documentation Checklist22 KB3/20/2017

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