Apply for a Carpool On-Street Parking Permit


On-street carpool parking spots are designated by posted signs. You must have a valid carpool parking permit to park in one of these areas.

If you and one or more people want to share parking costs and use permitted carpool parking locations, ​you must apply in person at the Permit Application Center. You and every carpool rider will need to provide your contact information and sign the application form. The primary passholder is responsible for the monthly bill.

However, carpool applications have priority on the parking location wait lists.

Carpool on-street parking permits are subject to availability and charged a one-time processing and automation fee.

Woman getting into car with three other passengers

Share travel and parking costs by applying for a carpool parking permit. Permit holders can park in on-street parking spaces set aside for carpools only.

​​Application process

Apply in person at the Permit Application Center by bringing the following;

You will receive a copy of the parking policies when you get your permit.

Cancel a parking permit

Parking permits must be cancelled in writing by email or in person at the Permit Application Center. The pass holder must cancel by the fifth of the month to avoid responsibility for the current month’s invoice.

Update contact and vehicle information

If your address changes or you change vehicles, be sure to email the Permit Application Center with your name, permit number and the new information. 

Contact us

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Permit/License Processing
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Plans Intake
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Mail payments to:
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