Center 50+ Advisory Commission


The Center 50+ Advisory Commission serves as an advisory commission to the City Council and Center 50+ staff in matters related to the operations of the center.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.

Special membership requirements:

  • Commission shall consist of seven community members, six of which shall be 50 years of age or older
  • Eight other members shall be representatives of Center 50+ partners:
    • Chemeketa Community College
    • Northwest Senior & Disability Services
    • Friends of the Salem Senior Center
    • Salem Hospital Foundation
    • Marion-Polk Food Share
    • Alzheimer’s Association
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Salem Electric
  • All members shall be appointed by the Mayor
Number of members: 15
Type of appointment: Mayoral appointment
Length of term: 3 years
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12/5/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-agenda-2017-12-05.pdf393 KB
11/7/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-agenda-2017-11-07.pdf391 KB
11/7/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-minutes-2017-11-07.pdf181 KB
10/3/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-agenda-2017-10-03.pdf140 KB
10/3/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-minutes-2017-10-03.pdf142 KB
6/6/2017center50+-agenda-2017-06-06.pdf400 KB
6/6/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-minutes-2017-06-06.pdf127 KB
5/2/2017center-50-plus-advisory-commission-agenda-2017-05-02.pdf444 KB
6/7/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-agenda-2016-06-07.pdf461 KB
5/3/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-agenda-2016-05-03.pdf495 KB
5/3/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-minutes-2016-05-03.pdf131 KB
3/1/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-agenda-2016-03-01.pdf500 KB
3/1/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-minutes-2016-03-01.pdf126 KB
2/2/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-agenda-2016-02-02.pdf461 KB
2/2/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-minutes-2016-02-02.pdf111 KB
1/5/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-agenda-2016-01-05.pdf494 KB
1/5/2016senior-center-advisory-commission-minutes-2016-01-05.pdf110 KB
Term Expires
Alise LiepnieksPartner - Alzeimer's AssociationNo
Allen JakobitzCommunity Member - Over 5012/31/20151st12/31/2018
Beth JacksonPartner - North West Senior Disabilities ServiceNo
Jenifer HoodCommunity Member - Over 5012/14/20151st12/31/2018
Mary ChancePartner - Faith Community or Business Organization, Ward 6No
Melani FullerPartner - Marion Polk Food ShareNo
Paula HilgersCommunity Member - Over 5006/01/20132nd12/31/2018
Rebekah SmithPartner - Salem ElectricNo
Richard McGintyCommunity Member - Over 5012/09/20131st12/31/2018
Sandy KinneyCommunity Member - Over 5012/14/20151st12/31/2019
Steve PattersonPartner - Chemeketa Community CollegeNo
Ted StangPartner, Healthcare OrganizationNo
Feb. 06
Center 50+ Advisory Commission Meeting9:00 a.m.10:30 a.m.Lecture Hall
Center 50+
2615 Portland RD NE
Salem OR 97301

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