City Adds New Intersection Safety Measures

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​As part of a long-standing effort to make it safer to drive, bike, and walk in our community, the City of Salem will add a more safety features at high volume intersections.

New Intersection Safety Measures

On July 1, the City of Salem starts testing of traffic enforcement cameras at Commercial ST and Madrona AV SE, Commercial ST and Kuebler BV SE, and Center ST and Hawthorne AV NE. As the cameras become functional and are activated, motorists who fail to stop for a red light while driving through high-volume intersections may be captured on camera and issued tickets. These new safety measures are designed to reduce crashes in and around intersections. The City will also add the technology to capture images of motorists who exceed the speed limit at the locations to encourage drivers to slow down.

"Speed plays a major role in motor vehicle crashes, especially those resulting in serious injuries," says Steve Powers, Salem City Manager. "Our goal is to improve driver behavior and safety for everyone at high volume intersections. Changing driver habits will make Salem's roads safer for everyone who uses them."

To discourage drivers from entering intersections on red lights, Salem added photo enforcement cameras to three intersections in 2008 and saw a 92 percent decrease in traffic crashes at those locations.  In 2019, new technology was added at the intersection of Fisher Rd NE and Silverton Rd NE.

Safe Passage and Crossings for Bikers and Walkers

We are always building bike lanes and pathways, adding and improving sidewalks, and installing flashing lights at crosswalks to make riders and pedestrians more easily seen. In the past several years, the City has also added crosswalks and pedestrian crossing islands, made improvements to intersections and installed speed humps throughout Salem to be a more biking and walking friendly city.

This summer, we're working on pedestrian and safety improvements throughout our community geared toward making crossings safer near schools, in Salem's downtown, west Salem, and at Riverfront Park.

The projects geared to making crossing safer near schools, planned in consultation with the Salem Keizer School District and Salem-area Neighborhood Associations, include:

  • On the Winter-Maple Greenway, Pine Street NE at Maple Avenue NE
  • At Salem Child Development Center and on the Winter-Maple Greenway, Fairgrounds Road NE at Norway Street NE
  • At McKay High School, Sunnyview Road NE at Scotsman Lane NE
  • At Leslie Middle School, Pringle Road SE at Copper Glen Drive SE
  • At Liberty Elementary School, Liberty Road S mid-way between Skyline Road S and Boone Road S
  • At Judson Middle School, on Jones Road SE

Learn more about improvements planned in your neighborhood. Here are a few more ways you can help keep Salem's streets safer for all:

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