City Council Revises Multifamily Housing Design Code Changes

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Multifamily Housing on Silverton Road NE

Multifamily Housing on Silverton Road NE

City Council Revises Multifamily Design Code Changes

The City Council voted Monday to revise proposed code changes resulting from the Multifamily Housing Design project.
Revisions to the proposed code amendment include the following:

           1. Eliminate minimum parking requirements for multifamily projects within the Central Salem Development program area and within a quarter-mile of Cherriots' Core Network

          2. Eliminate minimum parking requirements for room and board facilities

          3. Remove a proposed restriction on balconies, and instead require balconies on building facades that face single family-zoned properties to have fully sight-obscuring railings

          4. Eliminate picnic areas from the list of possible active recreational opportunities that can double count toward the open space requirement for multifamily housing

Staff is expected to bring the revised code amendment to City Council for final approval on February 24, 2020.


The proposed Code Changes update Salem's design and other standards for multifamily housing, which is development with three or more dwelling units. They do not change where multifamily housing is allowed in Salem.

The proposed changes aim to help meet our community's housing needs by removing barriers to the development of multifamily housing and ensuring that new development is compatible with Salem's neighborhoods.

They are a result of the Multifamily Housing Design Project that started in 2018.

The proposed code changes implement recommendations in the Salem Housing Needs Analysis (HNA). The HNA found that Salem's portion of the urban growth boundary has a projected 207-acre deficit of land designated for multifamily housing (2,897 units) based on a 20-year population forecast.

To learn more about the Multifamily Housing Design project, visit the project website.

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