City Declares Health Care a Fundamental Right

​Heath care is a fundamental right, the Salem City Council declared through a resolution passed unanimously at their July 12 meeting.

The resolution declares that "individual wellbeing and public health both benefit when all members of a community have real, meaningful access to health care."

It commits the City Council to:

  1. Support Oregon Senate Joint Resolution 12, which will give state voters a chance to amend the state constitution, establishing an obligation of the state to ensure "every resident of the state access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care."
  2. Express enthusiastic support for state-based universal healthcare and send a letter to that effect to the Legislature and Governor.
  3. Send a letter to Oregon's federal delegation urging them to create pathways to establish state-based systems under federal waivers that can remove barriers to receiving federal financial support.

The resolution is designed to address only local actions that the Council can take.

In another Special Order of Business, the Council ordered a work session to consider current City laws and abilities related to fireworks, as well as the potential need for further action.

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