City of Salem Residents to Receive 30 Percent Discount on Flood Insurance Premiums


​The Federal Emergency Management Agency created the voluntary Community Rating System (CRS) program to recognize local efforts to reduce flood risk, and to reward communities, their residents, and businesses by saving them money on flood insurance premiums.  In late 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency upgraded Salem from Class 5 to Class 4 in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) CRS program. The discount applies to NFIP policies issued or renewed on or after April 1, 2022, for properties in a Special Flood Hazard Area -- more commonly known as the floodplain.  Unprecedented for any Oregon community, Salem becomes one of approximately 25 cities in the United States to achieve a Class 4 or better rating out of the 22,000 communities that participate nationwide in the NFIP.

Salem originally joined the CRS in 2008 and has continued to upgrade its rating through improvements to its floodplain management program.  Some of the floodplain management and damage mitigation activities used by the City include: providing one-on-one advice to residents regarding property protection, implementing higher regulatory standards, maintaining open space, managing stormwater runoff, and developing a flood warning and response program. Residents who would like to see floodplain management related documents can find them on the City's website: Additional information about flood insurance can be found on the Federal Emergency Management Agency website

Residents are encouraged to contact a local insurance agent to discuss federally-established flood insurance programs, as well as how the 30 percent discount available to Salem residents will impact their flood insurance premiums.

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