City of Salem to Expand Union Pacific Quiet Zone

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​On May 1, 2017, the City of Salem will add four additional crossings to the Union Pacific Railroad Quiet Zone. The new crossings are: Madison Street NE, Sunnyview Road NE, Woodrow Street NE, and Silverton Road NE. These additions bring the total number of Quiet Zone crossings in Salem to 12, and extend the zone from Mill Street SE, to Silverton Road NE. ​

Trains traveling within a Quiet Zone are prohibited from sounding their horns at crossings, with limited exceptions. Exceptions include: when the train engineer determines there is imminent danger on or near the tracks, or railroad switching operations are underway. The vast majority of trains traveling through the Quiet Zones will not sound their horns.​

Below are current crossings listed from south to north, in the Quiet Zone as of May 1, 2017:​

  • Mill Street SE
  • State Street
  • Court Street NE
  • Chemeketa Street NE
  • Center Street NE
  • Marion Street NE
  • D Street NE
  • Market Street NE
  • Madison Street NE
  • Sunnyview Road NE
  • Woodrow Street NE
  • Silverton Road NE​

Quiet Zone crossing gates, warning lights, and bells will still operate as usual. As always, it is important to exercise caution when approaching or crossing railroad tracks.

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