City of Salem Update Regarding Park Rules for the Eclipse

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On August 21, the much anticipated total solar eclipse will occur, bringing people to Salem from all over the world. The City is working to ensure the safety of the public and to make the eclipse an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Because of the unique nature of this event, the City will allow people to set up a small tent, or roll out a sleeping bag/blanket in a park to save their viewing spot and stay overnight beginning the evening of August 19. All other park rules will still be enforced. High impact camping activities such as RVs, trailers, vehicles in the grass, open fires, or digging pits are not allowed. Please note that other park rules, such as those prohibiting alcohol, smoking and vaping​, are still in effect. ​

Most visitors to Salem will be at one of the many privately hosted events, or will choose one of the City’s large parks. City employees will be present at the parks where the largest crowds are expected. Next week, the City will announce which parks will have a staffed information/paramedic aid station. All parks will be monitored by public works staff, with the 13 large parks having a dedicated presence. Other City parks will be visited on a route basis.

The City is placing additional restroom facilities and drinking water in the following parks:

The following parks will have additional restroom facilities:

The City is also placing medical aid and informational tents in select parks according to the schedule below:
  • ​Saturday, August 19: Riverfront Park, Minto-Brown Island Park
  • Sunday, August 20: Riverfront Park, Minto-Brown Island Park, Wallace Marine Park
  • Monday, August 21: Riverfront Park, Minto-Brown Island Park​, Wallace Marine Park, McKay Park​

City staff made a presentation August 14 City Council meeting​ regarding eclipse preparation plans.  If you were not able to attend the meeting in person, you can watch the presentation at home via one of the following methods:

The City will continue to provide updates in the days leading up to, during, and after the event. Please visit for more information and resources on how you can prepare for the event. 

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