City Releases Police Report on Protests

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​City Manager Steve Powers has released Police Chief Jerry Moore's report regarding the actions taken by the Salem Police Department to maintain public safety during recent demonstrations.

Review of Protest Events

The report, addressed to the Salem City Council and Mayor Bennett, included the following statement from the City Manager:

The report provides details on events from May 30, 2020 to June 1, 2020, and why decisions were made. The report is an essential, transparent step in the City's commitment to learning and continual improvement.

The City condemns systemic racism.  Such prejudice is antithetical to the values of our City. City Council has clearly stated that the City's values are opportunity for all, compassion, inclusivity, and responsiveness. Racism has no place in any department or in the delivery of City services. I remain committed to having Salem be a safe, welcoming, and livable community for all.

The after-action report focuses on events and decisions. The demonstrations were unlike any that have occurred in Salem. For the first time, a curfew was enacted to protect our community. For the first time, peaceful assemblies were marred by individuals who sought to harm our police officers and damage public and private property.

As you read the report, please consider that Salem police officers will always seek to de-escalate situations that have the potential to endanger public safety. Salem police officers are trained to evaluate each unique situation and respond with the least force necessary to maintain our community's safety. And Salem police officers are human. If errors or lapses in judgment are made, we have a rigorous internal affairs process and Community Police Review Board standing ready to investigate these concerns and act as justified by the evidence.

I look forward to discussing the after action report with you and working together to achieve improvement.


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