City Report Reviews 2019 Results

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​The City of Salem's second annual Community Report, released today, spotlights progress in six critical City focus areas.

The report features updates on community, volunteer and City activities and programs related to those focus areas, including:

  • Safe Community
  • Welcoming and Livable Neighborhoods
  • Strong and Diverse Economy
  • Safe, Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure
  • Natural Environment Stewardship
  • Good Governance

"We've expanded services, partnerships and programs for our unsheltered neighbors, found new ways to provide more affordable housing and housing options in our community, worked collectively to care for and preserve our natural environment and reduce our collective climate impact, and built a broad approach to improving bicycle and pedestrian safety, whether you prefer to travel within our street infrastructure, or on leisurely routes and off-street trails," wrote City Manager Steve Powers in an introduction to the report.

The report also looks at initiatives related to emergency preparedness and resilience, business expansion throughout the city, improved treatment strategies for the city's water supply, and restoration of Salem's wetlands. It also includes some of the results from the City of Salem Community Satisfaction Survey.

The priorities identified within the report were established as part of the City's 2017 Stategic Plan and the City Council's annual work plan. It is organized around the community's and Council's expectations of service and desired results for the City.

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City of Salem 2019 Community Report

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