Climate Action Planning Continues with New Visioning Activity

Runners in a downtown Salem alleyway

​Over the past few years, we've seen the effects of climate change all around us, like stronger and more severe fires, floods, and drought. Through our Climate Action Plan, we'll work together to find ways to build community resilience in our changing climate and reduce activities that can make these natural hazards worse.  Learn more:

How can you participate?

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  • Watch the first Climate Action Plan Task Force workshop, focused on envisioning a resilient Salem of 2050. 

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    • Share your favorite thing about Salem.  Drop a pin on the map and add a comment and/or photo. 

    • Share your vision for a resilient Salem.  Others can "like" your idea and build on it.

What have we learned so far?

Between October 21 and November 4, 2020, nearly 500 people shared their perspectives on climate change.   Most cited Salem's primary strength as its natural environment, including green spaces and parks in the City and convenient access to the mountains and coast. The greatest challenge was homelessness and lack of affordable housing.   Three quarters of those responding (77%) reported being very or somewhat worried about climate change and 58% expressed concern about increased extreme weather events caused by climate change.   Learn more about the survey results.

What's next?

This winter, we'll start talking about our region's vulnerabilities and what we can do to prepare or lessen the environmental implications.   In the spring, we'll begin outlining strategies to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to climate change in our community.  Follow along and track progress here.

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