Code Changes Affect Bees, Ducks, and Development

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Young girl looking at a beehive.

Bee regulations were one of several zoning and code updates that took affect July 24, 2019.

The City of Salem has updated its zoning and development code, establishing new rules around public notice, pedestrian access, beekeeping, and other issues.

These and other code changes were made in response to concerns from the City Council and the community, changes in State law, and issues identified by City Staff.

The City Council adopted the changes to the Salem Revised Code (SRC) in June, and the new rules took effect July 24, 2019.

Bees and ducks

Bees and ducks can be kept more broadly in Salem now. The updated code limits the number of bee hives and ducks that you can keep, and it regulates where they can be located on your property (SRC Chapter 50). Other standards relate to the size of duck facilities and the condition of bee hives.

Increased public notice for certain developments

For certain types of land use applications, developers must provide notice to the public before submitting their applications to the City (SRC Chapter 300). Specifically, they must either:

  • Provide notice to neighborhood associations, or
  • Hold an open house or attend a neighborhood association meeting

Pedestrian access

New access standards (SRC 800.065) require pedestrian connections through development sites and sometimes to neighboring properties. This change responds in part to the City Council and community's desire to increase pedestrian safety in Salem.

If a path or trail is identified in specific adopted City plans, developers must generally construct that path or trail through their site or provide an easement or dedication.

Site plan review

Site plan review is now a requirement for applications to pave or reconfigure parking lots (SRC Chapter 220), which may trigger new landscaping or other requirements.

Preliminary grading plan requirement

A preliminary grading plan is required (when grading is necessary) for:

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