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​Community and Partners of East Salem (CaPES) grew out of the City’s Neighborhood Partnership Program with a focus on community building. Neighbors and community partners collaborate on a variety of efforts to strengthen the East Salem Neighborhoods (North Lancaster, East Lancaster, Lansing and Northgate Neighborhoods). The group is working to facilitate community connections, support children and families, and promote a safe, healthy, clean environment.

Neighborhood celebrations

Connect with your neighbors and strengthen your community with events of all sizes. You can invite a few people on your street for popsicles in your front yard or to a larger event at a community location.

2018 East Salem Day of Play photos

Community gardens

Community gardens grow food, act as a community gathering space, and offer opportunities to connect with your neighbors. A few years ago North Lancaster neighbors transformed their undeveloped park into Brown Road Community Garden now home to garden plots, seating areas, children’s activity space, a walking path, and a little free library.

Find a community garden in your neighborhood

Little Free Libraries

Little Free Libraries are small, cabinet sized libraries that could go anywhere. Everyone is welcome to take or leave a book. These have been popping up all over the world since 2009. CaPES partners decided it was a great opportunity to support literacy and community shared space and they have supported the installation of six libraries in East Salem.  

Find a Little Free Library in your neighborhood

Partnership documents

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Child in front of little library.

CaPES partners helped install six little libraries in East Salem as a way to support literacy and community shared spaces.


Meetings are held the third Thursday of each month from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Feb. 03
Salem Public Library - Main Branch closed for move to temporary facilitySalem Public Library Main Branch
585 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301

Salem Public Library's Main Branch will be closed from February 3-17 for a move to a temporary facility as we prepare for the upcoming seismic renovation project. Salem Public Library at Broadway will open February 18, 2020 at 1400 Broadway St. NE, to serve during construction.

Online library services—access to the library catalog and downloading of eBooks and audiobooks—will be available throughout the move and construction phases.

The West Salem Branch, 395 Glen Creek Rd. NW, will be open and maintain services throughout the move and construction phases.

Feb. 17
President's DayCivic Center
555 Liberty ST SE
Salem OR 97301

City offices and the Salem Public Library will be closed for the holiday observance.

Feb. 20
Community and Partners of East Salem (CaPES)11:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.Goodwill
3535 Lancaster DR NE
Salem OR 97301

Join neighbors and partners as they work together to make a difference in North Salem Neighborhoods. For more information, call Salem Leadership Foundation at 503-315-8924. We meet every third Thursday of each month.

Phone: 503-315-8924

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