Community Police Review Board


The Community Police Review Board (CPRB) conducts external reviews of complaints against Salem Police Department employees. A person who has completed the internal police investigation process, yet is unsatisfied with the results, may initiate a Community Police Review Board review.

Seven members and two alternates who are Salem residents comprise the board. These individuals have an interest in providing input and insight to ensure professionalism and transparency in policing. The board advises the City Manager and reports its findings to the City Manager, with a concurrent copy to the City Council.

In addition to external reviews, the board may also:

  • Review and advise on police department policy and procedure
  • Review and analyze the police department’s complaint summaries and trends
  • Refer issues to the Chief of Police

Meetings are generally held quarterly, and board hearings are held as CPRB cases are initiated. To file a complaint, please access the Salem Police Department complaint page​.

Special membership requirements

City Council shall consider:

  • ​Civic participation within the community
  • Residency within the city of Salem
  • Criminal history
  • Commitment to the goals of the Board
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity including demonstrated life experiences or training in cultural or ethnic diversity

Please note: The Community Police Review Board requires a separate application form exclusive to this board. Please read Ordinance No. 41-2002 thoroughly before filling out the application.​


Authority: SRC Chapter 201

Number of members: 7

Type of appointment: City Council appointment

Length of term: 2 years

View current board openings​​

DateDocument TitleTypeFile Size
10/9/2018community-police-review-board-agenda-2018-10-9.pdf306 KB
7/10/2018community-police-review-board-agenda-2018-07-10.pdf305 KB
4/10/2018community-police-review-board-agenda-2018-04-10.pdf305 KB
1/9/2018community-police-review-board-agenda-2018-01-09.pdf305 KB
10/10/2017community-police-review-board-agenda-2017-10-10.pdf309 KB
7/20/2017community-police-review-board-agenda-2017-07-20.pdf243 KB
7/11/2017community-police-review-board-agenda-2017-07-11.pdf245 KB
4/11/2017community-police-review-board-agenda-2017-04-11.pdf248 KB
Term Expires
Bevin Clapper01/02/20181st01/02/2020
David J Rheinholdt01/02/20182nd01/01/2020
Ira S. FeitelsonChair11/14/20161st01/01/2019
Jodi SherwoodVice Chair01/02/20181st01/01/2020
Lynelle Wilcox05/11/20152nd01/01/2019
Michael StaudingerAternate #112/11/20171st
Robert (rob) McgintyAlternate #206/25/20181st
Steven J Rice01/02/20181st01/02/2020
William F. Distad01/02/20182nd01/01/2020

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