COVID-19, Your City and You

Several COVID19 molecules on red background.


Todas las oficinas de la Ciudad están cerradas al público. Obtenga la información más reciente sobre COVID-19 en Salem.  Aprende mas.


Stay home. Stay healthy.  At the City of Salem, we're following the Governor's Executive Order of March 23, 2020 and hope you will too. You can count on us. Our City will continue to provide emergency response, public safety and other essential services, including water service to all customers.  To help keep our community safe and continue sharing critical information to our community, we are re-purposing our staff and resources to essential services where possible.  

Please also help keep the many City workers safe who are still working around the community, providing those services. If you'd like to express appreciation, please do so from a distance. They'll appreciate your concern for their safety and that of their families

New local use restrictions are in place through January 12, 2021.

How are City services impacted?

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce opportunities for continued transmission of the virus, we are making changes to some of our programs and services.

Sign on windows saying "We are closed temprarily"

​City locations

The followinig locations are closed to the public - click the link for detailed information:

Parking signs - 3 hour parking and 15-minute parking

Program and rule changes

Click the links for details on the changes and restrictions in these areas:

​Where can you get more information?

The City recognizes that you may need information that is not directly related to a City program. We want to connect you to resources as quickly as possible, so we have compiled a list of resources in three key areas.