Cultural and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board

Grant applications are due November 15, 2019. How to apply for a grant​.


The Salem Cultural and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board advises the City Council on matters pertaining to the use of the transient occupancy tax, cultural activities, and convention and tourism business in Salem. The Salem Cultural and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board encourages development of a unified approach to promoting Salem; recommending an annual budget to implement such activities; and reviewing and making recommendations on the performance of contractors funded by the transient occupancy tax.

The board advises the City Council on programs and issues affecting the promotion of Salem, particularly in the area of cultural amenities and tourism. The board’s functions shall include advice and/or recommendations on:

  • Allocation of the transient occupancy tax (TOT)
  • Request for proposals for services necessary for the development and promotion of conventions and tourism
  • Coordination of activities with other public and private organizations including all TOT recipients involved in the promotion and/or the enhancement of the quality of life in Salem
  • Review and comment on all quarterly/mid-year/annual reports filed with the City by TOT recipients
  • Conduct other related functions deemed as necessary or beneficial to promote convention and tourism business in Salem

The Salem Cultural and Tourism Promotion Advisory Board meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. Agendas and meeting packet materials are available no later than 5:30 p.m. on the Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting.

Special membership requirements:

  • The members shall be residents of or have their places of business in the City of Salem
  • One member shall be a representative of the for-profit tourism industry

    Authority: SRC Chapter 16

    Number of members: 9

    Type of appointment: Mayoral recommendation with City Council approval

    Length of term: 3 years

​Grant reporting forms

Grant recipients must complete the appropriate reporting form at the end of the grant year.

TOT Grant Reporting Form - Facility Operators FY 19-20

TOT Grant Reporting Form - CIP FY 19-20

TOT Grant Reporting Form - Events FY 19-20

TOT Grant - Event Budget Sheet FY 19-20

DateDocument TitleTypeFile Size
6/9/2020cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2020-06-09.pdf733 KB
3/10/2020cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2020-03-10.pdf888 KB
2/11/2020cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet2-2020-02-11.pdf1389 KB
1/14/2020cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2020-01-14.pdf14154 KB
12/10/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2019-12-10.pdf4739 KB
9/10/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2019-09-10.pdf8811 KB
7/9/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-updated-2019-07-09.pdf2818 KB
6/11/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2019-06-11.pdf21487 KB
5/14/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2019-05-14.pdf5074 KB
4/9/2019Cultural-Tourism-Promotion-Advisory-Board-Agenda-2019-04-09.pdf3147 KB
3/12/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2019-03-12.pdf2907 KB
2/12/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2019-02-12.pdf6205 KB
1/8/2019cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2019-01-08.pdf5619 KB
12/11/2018Cultural-Tourism-Promotion-Advisory-Board-Agenda-2018-12-11.pdf24627 KB
9/11/2018Cultural-Tourism-Promotion-Advisory-Board-Agenda-2018-09-11.pdf4044 KB
8/14/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-08-14.pdf8216 KB
6/12/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-06-12.pdf7956 KB
5/8/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-05-08.pdf6789 KB
4/10/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-packet-2018-04-10.pdf2971 KB
3/13/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-03-13.pdf4419 KB
2/13/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-02-13.pdf7895 KB
1/9/2018cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2018-01-09.pdf11779 KB
12/12/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda_packet-2017-12-12.pdf3291 KB
9/12/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2017-09-12.pdf3028 KB
8/8/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2017-08-08.pdf10576 KB
7/11/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2017-07-11.pdf6238 KB
6/13/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2017-06-13.pdf4556 KB
5/9/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-20170509.pdf193 KB
5/9/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-agenda-2017-05-09.pdf3371 KB
5/9/2017cultural-tourism-promotion-advisory-board-minutes-2017-05-09.pdf110 KB
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Term Expires
Elaine M Worden07/01/20181st06/30/2021
Gaelen A Mcallister10/08/20181st06/30/2021
Jonathan Baker09/11/20171st06/30/2022
Laura Tesler06/26/20171st06/30/2020
Lowell R Alik07/01/2019Partial12/31/2020
Omar I Alvarado03/11/20191st06/30/2022
Rita Siong06/22/20201st06/30/2023
Ryan N Gail07/01/20191st06/30/2022
Scott SnyderRepresentative of the for-profit tourism industry07/01/20181st06/30/2021
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Jul. 14
Cultural & Tourism Promotion Advisory Board Monthly Meeting6:00 p.m.8:00 p.m.Digital Meeting

Cultural & Tourism Promotion Advisory Board Monthly Meeting to be held as a Digital Meeting, via ZOOM Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 6-8 PM.

Agenda: An agenda for this meeting is not yet available.

Phone: 503-540-2361

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This is an open, public meeting or public hearing at an accessible location. Special accommodations are available, upon request, for persons with disabilities. Services may be requested for sign language interpretation or languages other than English. To request accommodations or services, please call 503-540-2361 at least two business days prior to the meeting.

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