Apply for a Permit to Demolish a Structure

You need a building permit to destroy a building or any permitted structure such as a shed or guest house.

Step 1: Complete the application forms

If the demolition requires a sewer cap, you must first apply for a sanitary sewer permit number from the Public Works Department. A Public Works employee will need to sign your demolition application form.

Complete and submit the structural demolition permit application form. You will be required to provide owner verification, which can be done in the following ways:

  • Proof of ownership. If you are the owner and permit applicant, proof of ownership must be submitted. Acceptable documents include a tax statement, deed, abstract of title, or bill of sale.
  • Contract. If you are a contractor and the permit applicant, your contract with the owner must be submitted.

You can submit applications and materials electronically and pay your fees online, or you can submit everything in person at the Permit Application Center.

Step 2: Wait for plan review and approval

A permit technician will review your building applications and materials and start the plan review process. Plan review should be completed within five business days.

Step 3: Complete your project

Once your permits have been approved and paid, your permits will be issued and you can begin work. Permits must be available on the work site at all times. You can pick up your permits at the Permit Application Center or print them online.

You have 180 days after the permit is issued to complete your project.  You can request an extension by sending a letter or an email to the Permit Application Center. When the demolition is finished, remember to request an inspection to finalize the process.

Crane demolishing house.

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