How to Detect a Water Leak

​If you think you have a water leak, take the following steps:

  1. Turn off all water faucets, sprinklers, washing machines, or any other water supply. 

  2. Locate the water meter. Water meters are frequently located in the sidewalk near the building, but could also be in a yard or right-of-way strip. If you are unable to locate your water meter, call Public Works Dispatch at 503‑588‑6311. 

  3. Once you have located the water meter, remove the metal lid with a standard screw driver.

  4. Once the metal lid is removed, lift and remove the concrete cover.

  5. Check the water meter to see if the flow detector (a small red or black marker on the top of the water meter) is moving.

  6. Assess the size of the leak.

    • If the flow detector moves, then stops, then moves again, it is a good indication that your toilet valve is leaking or that there may be a very small leak.

    • If the flow detector moves slowly, it is a good indication that you have a small leak.

    • If the flow detector moves rapidly, it is a good indication that you have a larger leak or break in your line.

  7. Make repairs, as needed.

  8. Once repairs are made to stop the leak, contact Customer Services Utility Billing to see if you are eligible for a billing adjustment.

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