Domestic Violence Response Team

​The Salem Police Department has a very active Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) that is designed to provide 24‐hour on-scene crisis intervention to victims of domestic and/or sexual violence and stalking in Salem. DVRT is the first program of its kind implemented in the State of Oregon to immediately serve domestic violence victims on scene.

The victim advocate program began in 1997 with the hiring of one victim advocate. Since then, the team has grown to consist of 2 paid victim advocates, and 20+ highly trained volunteer advocates from the community. The team also consists of 15+ Domestic Violence Officers. The DV Officers are given highly specialized training pertaining to domestic violence investigations and the dynamics of domestic abuse.

Victim advocates can help:

  • Devise a safety plan catered to your specific situation.

  • Provide information on protective orders.

  • Provide information on the criminal justice system and offender arrest procedures.

  • Explain Oregon law in relation to domestic abuse.

  • Provide information on the crime of domestic abuse and stalking.

  • Provide emotional support and encouragement.

  • Put you in touch with assisting agencies that provide needed resources.

  • Provide information and answer questions pertaining to victims of other types of crimes.

The goal of DVRT is to increase victim safety and raise offender accountability through the work of our victim advocates and officers on the team. The ultimate goal is to reduce repeat domestic abuse incidents within the same household. (Please note that you do not necessarily have to file a police report in order to speak to a victim advocate. Victim advocates working at Salem Police are not law enforcement officers).

Donate used cell phones

The Salem Police Department collects donations of cell phones no longer wanted or needed and provides them free of charge to victims of domestic violence. Learn more about how to donate your used cell phone.

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