Drinking Water Improvements Coordinated with Woodmansee Park Master Plan Update

Aerial image of woodmansee park

Salem stores drinking water for backup use in a natural underground aquifer in Woodmansee Park. This is called an Aquifer Storage and Recovery system. As part of the City’s continuing commitment to provide safe and resilient drinking water, the backup water system in Woodmansee Park will soon be improved and expanded. These drinking water improvements will be coordinated with a park master plan update that will determine future enhancements.

Drinking water in Woodmansee Park

During the winter months, treated drinking water from the North Santiam River is piped to the underground aquifer in Woodmansee Park. This water is stored underground until there is an increased demand for water (summer months) or an emergency. As it is pumped out of the aquifer it is chlorinated.  It can then enter the water distribution system and be pumped to Salem residents. This project will improve the Aquifer Storage and Recovery system by providing a centralized treatment facility to ensure water recovered from the aquifer continues to meet the high water quality standards Salem's water users have come to expect.  In addition, the project will increase the amount of water that can be pulled from the aquifers in time of need.

  • These improvements will centralize treatment processes and add a system to adjust pH to ensure we continue to meet the requirements from the Oregon Health Authority for corrosion prevention of household plumbing.

  • A small treatment building will be constructed to house the water treatment improvements.

What will I see over the next several months?

  • City engineers and contractors will be conducting field survey work and soil investigations.

  • Surveyors will be placing flagging at various locations throughout the park.

  • A soil boring truck will be working in the park for a few days.

What will I hear?

Most of this survey and investigation work will be completed with minimal disruption. However, there will be a few days of noise from the soil boring truck as the contractor completes soil investigations. The soil boring is anticipated to happen over 2-3 days in late March 2020 to early April 2020. Work will occur on weekdays and during normal business hours.

About the park master plan update

The current Woodmansee Park Master Plan will be updated to include the drinking water improvements and future park enhancements. The City will be looking for input from the public on park enhancements. When the planning process begins there will be a mailing to area residents and email updates. This web page will also be updated with the latest information.

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  • Drinking Water Project: Contact Ben Haney, Project Manager, at City of Salem Public Works Department: Email [email protected]

  • Woodmansee Park Master Plan: Email [email protected]

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