Enhanced Plan Review Services for Commercial Permits

Enhanced plan review services are available to customize your plan review timeframe. 

Download Commercial Building Permit Application Guide

Same day plan review

Minor interior alterations that require a building permit can be fast-tracked using the City's same day plan review service. No review by Public Works will be required. If the Plans Examiner requires more information, the plans will be put on hold. Otherwise, the plans will be approved and a permit issued.

The service is available every week on Tuesdays from 1-4 pm.  You can reserve a time block by contacting the Permit Application Center.

Expedited/On-site plan review

Expedited plan review shortens the amount of time each round of review takes to complete:

  • First round of plan review time is shortened from 20 to 10 business days.
  • Second round of plan review is completed within five business days.

On-site plan review is available only for tenant improvements in an existing structure that are considered minor in nature.

A completed application for expedited services must be received at least five business days before the plans are submitted. Expedited plan review are granted as staff and resources are available.

Deferred plans submittal

If you cannot submit all parts of your building design at the time of your application, you must complete  for a deferred submittal application. Deferred submittals allow the plan review process to begin while parts of the design such as decks, stairs, etc. are being prepared. Your building documents must clearly identify items to be deferred. All drawings for deferred items must be submitted and approved by the Building Official before being installed.

Phased permit

A phased permit allows you to submit plans in separate pieces. Examples of phases include foundation, building structure (shell), tenant improvement, and fire protection systems. Each phase requires its own permit.

Approval of a permit in one phase does not guarantee that a permit for the entire structure will be granted. The permit holder proceeds with building operations at his or her own risk.

Phased plan review is granted as staff and resources are available. Plan review for each phase i8s 10 business days.

The applicant can begin work for a completed phase once payment for the permit is received and before any other phase is approved.

A completed application for phased permitting must be received at least five business days before the plans are submitted.

Architects reviewing paper plans.

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